Copy Any Color Grade to Your Photo With the New Photoshop Tool

Adobe has released a slew of new features in the recent Photoshop 2022 update, one of which pertains to color grading. With this tool, you can transfer the color palette from one image to another, allowing you to replicate looks from films and other media.

It won't be news to anyone that colors are crucial to a final product, save for black and white imagery, and what you do in post-production often can change the whole feel of your work. I have always had an obsession with color decisions made in cinema — like many of us do — after seeing Amelie in my formative years.

I have never gone so far as to replicate the colors of a movie or television show, but it isn't something that's unthinkable to me. While I would never use a tool like this to copy another photographer's work, I can imagine creating portraits that are inspired by cinema. To further prove I am a generic person, I love the general aesthetic of Drive, for instance. Being able to take a screengrab of that film and apply it to a portrait I have taken with a similar vibe could certainly be useful.

What do you make of this tool? Is it useful in aiding post-production, or does it just promote the lowering of creativity as you can copy styles you didn't think of? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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