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New To Photoshop? Watch This

Opening Photoshop for the first time can be pretty overwhelming. But whether you're new, relatively new or looking for a good refresher on the basics, Aaron Nace at Phlearn has assembled a can't-miss, three-part series on the need-to-know elements of Photoshop. In part one, the very basics are covered: opening and saving a file, Photoshop preferences, keyboard shortcuts, color space, basic saving for web, using a tablet, tools and layer masks. In parts two and three, things get a little more complex...

Part two explains the importance of layer order and organization (grouping), transforming, the brush, the healing brush and the clone stamp, adjustment layers and blending modes.

Finally, part three teaches basic Photoshop theory and workflow, combining techniques to create effects, global adjustments, color correction, file types and a more complex explanation of the save for web option.

Be sure to check out more great Photoshop videos at Phlearn.

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Jason Ranalli's picture

I've said before but I think Phlearn is the first place anyone should go if they want to learn Photoshop the all important "why" things are done a certain way.