A Quick Luminar 3 Tutorial for Commercial Workflow

The software company Skylum introduced the new version of its renown raw processor Luminar 3 a while ago, and photographer Moe Zainal shows the major features by using it in his workflow.

Each raw processor has its own algorithm and they all give different results, even you export your raw images straight away without any adjustments. While this can be a matter of personal choice, the ease of use and variety of features can be the deal breaker when choosing the right raw processor for your daily post-processing routine. Most photographers mainly use Capture One, Adobe Camera Raw inside Photoshop and Lightroom for their workflows, and recently Luminar has been added to this list. Luminar is both offered as a standalone software and Photoshop plugin, featuring several AI tools. The standalone version contains both library and adjustments panel, which allow users to navigate and make adjustments easily inside the catalogue. The plugin version can be accessed via the filter menu inside the Photoshop and can be used for further adjustments.

In this video, automotive photographer Moe Zainal demonstrates some key features of Luminar 3, by using it in his commercial workflow, both for processing the raw image, and making additional adjustments on the image inside the Photoshop.

Have you ever tried Luminar 3? Would you prefer it over Lightroom? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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David Pavlich's picture

I have Luminar 2018 and was thinking about 3, but I've read a lot of negative press about it. If it gets straightened out, does it do everything that LR can do? Right now, 98% of my processing is done in LR. I've just started to explore L 2018 and find it intriguing, especially the fact that it works with layers. I'll have to watch the posts to see if they get it squared away.

Marcus Joyce's picture

I used to joke about how slow it was but the dam is nice.

Hopefully you are not using cr3 files... It's been far too long to still not support this format. Can you imagine lightroom not supporting cr3????