20 Unique Images Of Birds

20 Unique Images Of Birds

Check out these 20 images of few of the most interesting animals on the planet: from Sentinels to Eagles, owl and Egrets. Birds of all types flying, Eating or just posing to the camera. There is no doubt photographing birds (and getting awesome results) is one of the hardest things to do, you need a lot of luck, perfect location and sometimes also very expensive lenses and gear, so seeing these images makes me truly respect the photographers who took them. Check out the set of images found on Flickr and let us know which are your favorites!

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♥ The Drongo Love ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥
Photo: Vinoth Chandar.

Photo: Sijanto Sijanto.

Photo: Jon.

A sentinel Alpine Chough on the lookout
Photo: Ben Thé Man.

The Egret And The Sun
Photo: J.T. Noriega .

Dawns Tranqility
Photo: Adrian.

Pencil Vs Camera - 66
Photo: Ben Heine.

Photo: Andrea Costa.

between one and two
Photo: Peter Franc.

Bohemian-Waxwing (Silkitoppa)-3-E
Photo: Sindri Skúlason.

Photo: Jörg Dickmann.

Eagle owl eyes

Proud Bald Eagle
Photo: Martien Uiterweerd.

Bird Kill
Photo: Roger Green.

White Tailed Sea Eagle
Photo: Steve Wilson.

haliaeetus leucocephalus
Photo: Ewald Mario Bauer.

barn owl
Photo: Helen Suzanne.

Chickadee in Snow #11
Photo: Allison Trentelman.

Great grey owl in flight from Hogwarts (strix nebulosa)
Photo: John Booth.

Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica)
Photo: Andrew Sproule.

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Jason Vinson's picture

those are some EPIC shots!! very nice work!

jniz22's picture

some here are fantastic... some are pretty nice but... meh... I think they could have done better, for example:



Jason Vinson's picture

 the only 2 i don't think belong are the close up of the eagle and owl... the egle one is eh... and the owl one is just on camera flash blah! anyone at a bird show with a point and shoot could take it.

Travis Gagnon's picture
johannes_d_mayer's picture

Sorry, but from a nature photographer`s view, a lotof them are horrible. All portraits are most probably made in a zoo and thus no problem to take.There are much more (realy) very good pictures of birds on flickr.

gary leach's picture

EPIC fantastical :) Thanks!

Momok Tomok's picture