The Bright Sun Rises: Awesome Sunrise Photos

The Bright Sun Rises: Awesome Sunrise Photos

There is something truly magical about sunrises. That orange glow in the sky, that yellow haze, or just the fact no one is out there. Its just you and the view. Call me lazy (maybe?), but I just cant bring myself to wake up at 4am or 5am to photograph, or even just look at a sunrise. At least some people are crazy enough to wake up early to shoot it for all of us to enjoy. Check out these great images of sunrises found on Flickr.

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Incredible Banff
Photo: Dan Ballard.

Angel's stairs...Magical sunset light over the sunflower field
Photo: Katarina Stefanović.

Photo: Brian Kerr.

Photo: Anna Christina Oliveira.

Photo: p.f.o.l.k.

Light and Rocks II
Photo: Dietrich Bojko.

Sunrise @ Mahon Pool
Photo: Yury Prokopenko.

Sunrise at Gibsons Steps
Photo: Yury Prokopenko.

Red Deer Stag
Photo: Neil Neville.

dawn over the fields
Photo: Helga Kvam.

Beach Sunrise :: Catherine Hill Bay, Central Coast, NSW Australia
Photo: Yury Prokopenko.

Cameron Highlands Sunrise
Photo: Souvik Bhattacharya.

0070 Casting nets--Amarapura , Myanmar

Inde du nord: le jour se lève sur la campagne du  Rajasthan.
Photo: claude Gourlay.

Here we go again!
Photo: Luis Argerich.

I said to the man are you trying to tempt me, because i come from the land of plenty
Photo: BK.

Mist on the River
Photo: Wayne Bierbaum.

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Andrew Griswold's picture

Some stunning shots here! Just reminds me that I have a few gems in my LR library that I have taken over the year here in Indy. 

Mark Dub's picture

these are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these!

Not to be negative, but my photoshop senses are tingling on the sunflower one. I have no issues with photoshopping, mind you... I just have issues with bad photoshopping.

I have a sunrise project for this year, photographing the sunrise over Columbia, South Carolina, from the Lake Murray Dam: the First Sunrise of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. I got the idea for the project after I photographed the first sunrise of 2012. I've had good luck so far with the project; the weather has been fair for each of the three seasons so far.

My Equinox/Solstice Sunrise Project Collection:

Photos of the New Year's Day Sunrise:

First Sunrise 2012 over Columbia SC from Lake Murray Dam

It was cold, about 32 degrees, on the dam waiting for the sun. But I wasn't the only person on the dam doing the same thing.

PS: I am using B&W film.