New Product Alert: Broncolor FT-System Continuous Lights With New Parabolic Reflectors

New Product Alert: Broncolor FT-System Continuous Lights With New Parabolic Reflectors

I love new stuff. Who doesn't? The only thing I love more than new stuff is new stuff that guarantees to make my life easier in some way. Allow me to introduce you to the Broncolor FT-System Continuous Lights.

Hot lights have been gaining momentum for some time now, especially with the creation of video DSLRs. The newest Broncolor light is made to fit into one of Broncolor's new parabolic reflectors which are known for being pretty great, yet expensive. Although the prices have yet to be released (our guess is that they'll cost a pretty penny or two), the new FT-System is fit for both photographers and videographers alike - giving a good deal of bang for your buck. 

One of the biggest benefits of the new system is that the light is completely flicker-free, according to Broncolor. This is amazing news for blink-of-an-eye paced shooting as well as cinematography. There are two models for the new product, the 1600 and the 2000. The 1600 is a 1600 watt daylight balanced light, while the 2000 is the 2000 watt tungsten balanced light. Each head attached to an electronic ballast and has a lamp head and focusing device. 

The complete Broncolor FT System is set to start shipping September 2015 and you'll be able to find it here at B&H

What do you all think of continuous lights? Do you think they're just a fad or that they'll quickly become the norm?

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I really like continuous light. My credit cards will probably go in the witness protection program when the price tag on this comes out. All kidding aside, there is no way I can justify the cost on some of these kits. Some are as much as a car.

I think most often people rent these types of lights. Ive seen some people working at the highest level do some pretty nice things with them. I'm assuming its the same as a briese

I know most people rent because they can't afford the purchase. The rental cost on them is still extremely high though. The light they produce is really amazing, I just wish it were more accessible.

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Heck yeah! Looking forward to getting my hands on the big one.

Doesn't Briese own the patent to this? it looks like a pretty close clone.

I believe they licensed it.

Does anyone know if Para88 can be mounted to ELB-400?

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Broncolor makes a Universal Adapter for the Para's. Part # 33.489.06

Thanks a lot!

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Video from the Broncolor Youtube channel showing them in action with some slow motion video:

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These are a copy of Briese Lights (, which the motion picture industry has been using for years. Unfortunately, one Briese Light can be $30,000. :-(

It will be very exciting if Broncolor can bring this technology to the market at an affordable rate for all photographers. I love the look of combined hard/soft light that you can only get with a para. If only if I could afford it!

Who pays 30k for one light? I mean I get profoto and broncolor even though they are mostly overpriced but 30k for one light? What is that, a 5000% markup? What the hell?

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I don't get the draw of this design for hot lights... the design is too breakable (ask a rental company).
And who wants to wait for the light to cool down before closing up the umbrella?
I'd much rather use a softbox or standard umbrella that I can take off and pack up while the head cools.

As for continuous vs. strobe... at a certain point, continuous light becomes too bright for talent to not squint (and, a lesser issue - tiny pupils). Strobes put out all that light before the subject can react.

That said... if the agency wants some fancy-ass, expensive lights for BTS shots or just because, then I'd get them in a heartbeat.

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In Broncolor and Briese you remove the bulb to close the 'umbrella'. The bulb/tube is packed separately.
About they're fragile design, the Briese one's are incredibly strong, the Broncolor one's should be manipulated by someone with experience! We got some one's in the studio and they are lasting for years!
Ah, and a softbox doesn't do the same kind of light and even the 4k hmi version's from briese are not so strong to the eyes!