One Second a Day: 366 Days as a Celebrity Photographer

I can't say I've ever completed a 365/366-day project, mostly because I lack the self-discipline to simply make my bed every morning. However, seeing one second of each day of someone's life was immensely intriguing, and it motivated me to undertake the same project in 2017. I was so motivated that I even made my bed this morning. 

I'll be the first to admit that Fstoppers' own Noam Galai's life is way more interesting than mine. For example, on February 25 of last year, he photographed the casts of "Full House" and "Fuller House." My February 25 consisted of celebrating the arrival of Morgan Freeman's voice on my GPS. I know because I went back and checked my Facebook.

On a more serious note, I find the one second a day project so interesting because it equalizes the year and provides fleeting glimpses into memories we might otherwise forget. Furthermore, it's incredibly easy for anyone to do: just pull out your phone for a single second a day! The project can be a serious photographic undertaking or simply a way to capture and conveniently organize personal memories. So, check out how Noam captured the moments of his 2016 and see how many celebrities you can identify! 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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I don't think that I recognized half the celebrities in the video, maybe a quarter or less. It' would've been helpful to include the list of celebrities so one can say "Oh, that's who they are."

If you look at the video on YouTube, Noam has all the celebrities listed out:

"1/3-Kristen Stewart
1/6-Hoda Kotb
1/7-JK Simmons
1/8-Rachel Platten
1/10-Justin Guarini
1/11-David Bowie's apartment
1/12-Lindsey Stirling
1/13-Hilary Duff
1/14-Jane Lynch
1/17-Alice Tan Ridley
1/18-Chris Rock
1/19-Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens
1/21-Jeff Daniels
1/25-Bridget Moynahan
1/27-Jessica Alba
1/28-Lily James
2/2-Ethan Hawke
2/4-Bill Clinton
2/5-Lance Bass
2/6-Sigourney Weaver and David Hyde Pierce
2/8-Katie Holmes
2/9-Zoolander premiere
2/10-Ryan Reynolds
2/11-Alison Brie
2/12-Hilary Duff
2/17-10years for The Stolen Scream
2/19-AnnaSophia Robb
2/22-Nathan Sykes
2/23-Jackie Cruz
2/25-Cast of Fuller House
2/29-Mike Posner
3/1-Triumph the insult comic dog
3/2-Adam Savage
3/4-Adam Lambert
3/5-Dionne Warwick
3/7-Sally Field
3/8-JJ Abrams
3/9-Helen Mirren
3/10-Sacha Baron Cohen
3/11-Christina Grimmie
3/14-Shailene Woodley and Theo James
3/15-Jesse Eisenberg
3/16-Getting the TIME Magazine cover
3/18-Miranda Cosgrove
3/21-Alan Cumming
3/22-Zachary Quinto
3/23-Patricia Arquette
3/24-Don Cheadle
3/25-Pee-wee Herman
3/29-Wyclef Jean
3/30-Jesse Eisenberg
4/1-The Flaming Lips at David Bowie tribute
4/3-Smashing Pumpkins
4/4-Buzz Aldrin
4/5-Matthew Perry
4/6-Lena Dunham
4/7-Allison Williams
4/8-Cheap Trick
4/11-DJ Khaled at Shorty Awards
4/12-Iggy Pop
4/13-Nastia Liukin
4/15-Julianne Moore
4/16-Louis C.K. and Steve Buscemi
4/17-Julianna Margulies
4/19-Kevin Spacey
4/20-Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne
4/21-Flying to Israel
5/4-Flight back to NYC
5/5-Julianne Moore
5/6-Jackie Evancho
5/9-Carmelo Anthony
5/10-Casey Neistat
5/11-Jessica Alba
5/12-Michael Strahan
5/13-Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe and Matt Bomer
5/16-Lea Michele, FOX upfronts
5/17-Conan O'Brien, TBS Upfronts
5/18-Andy Samberg
5/19-MC Hammer
5/20-Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne
5/23-David Schwimmer
5/24-James MCAvoy and Alexandra Shipp
5/25-Jencarlos Canela
5/26-The Voice season 10 winner Alisan Porter
6/1-Carmelo Anthony
6/2-Jon Batiste
6/3-Beck at Governors Ball
6/4-Haim at Governors Ball
6/6-Tony Bennett
6/7-Jude Law
6/8-Beyonce concert
6/10-Abigail Breslin and Freida Pinto
6/12-Will Arnett
6/13-Sarah Hyland
6/15-Ricky Gervais
6/16-Nick Jonas
6/17-Christina Grimmie's memorial service
6/20-Bon Jovi
6/22-Chef Gordon Ramsay
6/24-Demi Lovato and Brad Paisley
6/25-John Mayer
6/27-Daniel Radcliffe
6/29-Samuel L. Jackson
6/30-George Takei
7/1-Rachel Platten
7/5-Julia Stiles
7/6-The band Magic!
7/8-Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas concert
7/11-Julianne Hough
7/12-Ghostbusters cast
7/15-Gwen Stefani
7/19-Daniel Radcliffe
7/20-Mila Kunis
7/21-Keegan-Michael Key
7/22-DJ Khaled at Panorama fest
7/23-Kendrick Lamar at Panorama fest
7/24-Sia at Panorama fest
7/30-Daddy Yankee and Don Omar concert
7/31-Cats on broadway premiere
8/1-Will Smith at Suicide Squad premiere
8/2-Amare Stoudemire retirement press conf
8/4-John Waters
8/5-Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy
8/6-Alice Tan Ridley
8/8-Hugh Grant
8/11-Meryl Streep
8/15-Willa Fitzgerald
8/17-The Roots
8/18-Natalie Portman
8/22-Lindsey Stirling
8/24-Harry Shum Jr.
8/25-Olivia Wilde
8/26-Marc Anthony concert
8/28-Beyonce at the MTV VMA's
8/29-P. Diddy and DJ Khaled
8/31-The cast of Stranger Things
9/4-William Shatner
9/7-Rashida Jones and Morgan Saylor
9/12-Michael J. Fox
9/14-Flight to Israel
9/23-Flight back to NYC
9/24-Rihanna at Global Citizen Festival
9/27-Hilary Duff
9/28-January Jones
9/29-Common concert
9/30-The Roots concert
10/1-Andi Dorfman
10/4-Kelly Clarkson
10/6-Sarah Jessica Parker
10/10-Green Day
10/11-Nancy Grace
10/18-Jerry West
10/19-Wanda Sykes
10/20-Ewan McGregor and Dakota Fanning
10/24-Aly Raisman
10/25-Sia concert
10/27-Rachel Roy
10/28-Lena Dunham
10/31-Jay Leno
11/1-The Weeknd
11/2-Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn
11/8-Katy Perry on election night
11/11-Eddie Redmayne
11/14-Bad Santa cast
11/15-Bad Santa 2 premiere
11/16-Simone Biles
11/18-Amy Adams, Tom Ford, Michael Shannon
11/21-Sabrina Carpenter
11/22-Tony Bennett
11/23-Ansel Elgort
11/24-Thanksgiving parade
11/29-Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
11/30-Christmas tree lighting with Tori Kelly
12/1-Gary Busey
12/2-Felicity Jones, Diego Luna of Rogue One
12/4-Annette Bening and Warren Beatty
12/5-Michael Douglas
12/6-Shaquille O'neal
12/7-Jason Derulo
12/9-James Taylor
12/10-Premiere of Hidden Figures
12/11-Bryan Cranston
12/12-David Beckham and Millie Bobby Brown
12/13-Assassin's Creed premiere
12/14-Julianne Hough and Derek Hough
12/15-Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey
12/16-Getty Images holiday party
12/17-R. Kelly concert
12/18-Andrea Bocelli and Katharine Mcphee
12/19-Paul McCartney
12/20-Janelle Monae
12/21-Mos Def concert
12/31-New Years eve in Times Square (Mariah Carey, DNCE)"

Thanks. I found the list on Petapixel. There were many who I didn't know who the heck they are.

Damn thats awesome