20 Awesome Street Photography Pictures You Should See

20 Awesome Street Photography Pictures You Should See

Street photography is the kind of photography most of us don't usually like doing, but its probably the kind of photography we appreciate the most when the pictures become old. Its always amazing for me to see how people live, or lived, in other places or other times. Great street photography pictures can tell a story of time and place, and makes you make up your own story for the subject photographed. Check out these awesome photos and let us know which ones you like the best!

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One Day, Hafencity - Hamburg
Photo: Adde Adesokan.

Saud* [Explored11# 9 May 2011] جلست بضيقتي وحدي افكر في بداياتي
Photo: Mohammed Al-Muzaini.

Foggy Day in the streets of Brussels
Photo: Ben Heine.

Incredible Housewife
Photo: Paul Swee.

4 días libre / 4 days of freedom
Photo: Jorge Fabra.

Dress Sense
Photo: hipnshoot.

Ricebowlsmile, Village near Can Tho - Mekong Delta
Photo: Adde Adesokan.

the boy who leapt through rain [take off]
Photo: Rifat Attamimi.

Le Baiser de la Tour Eiffel
Photo: Adrien Sanglé-Ferrière.

La Pyramide du Louvre
Photo: Gregory Bastien.

Nonverbal Communication, Winterhude - Hamburg
Photo: Adde Adesokan.

You're lost...
Photo: Julia Dávila-Lampe.

Big Brother...
Photo: Thomas Leuthard.

the hair, the wind, the bokeh and the snowflakes (explored)
Photo: Stephane Paquet.

a man reading the "Israel Today" newspaper
Photo: Alex Glickman.

Photo: Steven R. Hazlett.

24 hours with Rakesh (Work in progress) **7:38 am.**
Photo: Alberto Lizaralde.

The Happy Trio
Photo: Naser I Hossain.

But Most of All
Photo: Zun Lee.

24 hours with Rakesh (Work in progress) **7:03 am.**
Photo: Alberto Lizaralde.

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Eduardo Schäfer's picture

what? is that a person lifting a car??

Jordan Insley's picture

He's just checking under the hood, probably needs more washer fluids

mark Beaumont's picture

Lol! I had to look twice, I think you'll see some cables either side, presumably from a crane. Great image though

Lee Morris's picture

I've never liked street photography... until I saw these. 

Tim Gallo's picture

you must be kidding :)

Jens Marklund's picture

Meh. Wouldn't call most of these street photographs.Third is the only interesting one.

Joop van Roy's picture

Sorry, these aren't very good street photos in my opinion. Nothing special happening in most of them. Not terrible, but kinda 'meh'.

Paul Donohoe's picture

some good ones there yes, but a couple that look set up and a couple that anyone could make (to reuse a SP cliche, but true here) All subjective I suppose.

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

So then, photojournalism is your definition of "street photography"???

james's picture

i agree with Joop is right, i don't think the person that made this set understands the genre.

Noam Galai's picture

I agree that most of them are not 'Classic' street photography pics, but they're still street photog pics - just a little different than what we get to see all the time.

Street photography can yield some quite amazing shots. These however, don't even come close. Some are not really street photography. This is the second time I see substandard selection on fstoppers. Com'on, with other great posts, this needs major improvements.

Bellamy Hunt's picture

This is not street photography. The 'photo editor' for this piece has clearly been going through flickr and picking anything that has a street photography tag. This is a very poor reflection of the genre, when there are actually some outstanding street photographers on that site. 
I hope this farce of an article doesn't actually make people think that this is what street photography is, because it is not. 
You know that when the article starts with "Street photography is the kind of photography most of us don’t usually like doing" you are in for a good time. 

Noam Galai's picture

Its a fact ;) most photographers out there are not "street photographers" - very small amount are doing it daily. 
most photographers are working in Advertising, weddings, concerts, news, sports and all the other paying gigs. Most photographers dont specialize in street photography, and most of them are not shooting anything related to it :) 
The fact that you're maybe doing it doesnt mean everyone do it. 

Paul Donohoe's picture

i'd be interested to hear why these are not street, and what, in your opinion is. Not caring about debating, just curious is all

Luciano De La O III's picture

WE can't fathom what the rest of the world sees, feels. We just judge by what we feel and see.
In city streets you see the possibility of so many having been under tremendous pressures and problems. 
But still, we only seem to judge by what is going on within us. Thanks.

Paul Donohoe's picture

yes exactly

Warrick Moore's picture

Agree with others here that some aren't really street photography. Some would fall under documentary
or photojournalism.

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Wow, really depressed at how photogs have become a "whiny bunch of bitches"!!!  Whether this is/is not street photography by anyones own definition (or what it says on Wikipedia) is a moot point. I think they are nice photos and interesting to look at. Open your eyes people!!!

Paul Donohoe's picture

i think what bothers some people who THINK they know about SP is that these are nice pictures on the whole, showing real people doing ordinary daily things. Nothing "quirky" nothing mocking or whatever, just human moments. For that's precisely why mostly they ARE fine examples of real SP

Leslie Dean Brown's picture

I agree Chris.

Imad Qadamani's picture


Imad Qadamani's picture


DanTHEME's picture

Great Zun Lee shot.

Paul Donohoe's picture

I love his work and he's a really nice guy too

DanTHEME's picture

Great Zun Lee shot.

DanTHEME's picture

But then again, it's nice pics. But awesome?

Robert M Johnson's picture

American 70's Street Photography - www.fullframeimages.com

Paul Donohoe's picture

Like all collections,, this is a subjective group of images. Some i might like, you might not and vice versa, Overall they show some ordinary moments in the ordinary lives of so-called ordinary people. Nothing 'fancy", nothing that appears "exploitative". Nothing to suggest aggressive or stealth behavior by the photographers. i like them