August's Best Facebook Group Photos

August's Best Facebook Group Photos

Hard to believe summer has come and gone, eh? Well, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere. You guys gave summer a smashing farewell, as the images we've seen in the Fstoppers Facebook Group were downright stupendous. With now over 5200 members, we're swimming at the deep end of the talent pool. Here's the best from August!





Julia Kuzmenko McKim


Bart Edson


Connor Surdi


Erik Danielson


Fabien Queloz


Jeff Nguyen


Jonathan Thorpe


Kyle Ford


Linus Pettersson


Marcus Hyde


Mark Burnham


Maximilian Juan Rivera


Nejc Lasič


Paul Jaspers


Regina Pagles


Thomas Sørgård


Congratulations everyone, and thanks to all our Fstoppers Facebook Group members for showcasing their work. Want your photography featured? Want to show the Fstoppers Featured Photo Award on your website? All you have to do is upload your best photos to our Fstoppers Facebook Group every month. Just make a statement with your image and you could end up featured here.

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jonathan thorpe's picture

thanks guys!

Fstoppers, you guys ROCK!

Thank you!

Michael Kormos's picture

The T-Rex shot is perfect!

Rebecca Britt's picture

Aww awesome, as always, so much talent in the group! :D

Paul Jaspers's picture is realy... cool

WOOT! my photo made the cut! so happy! Thanks guys! 

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