[BTS] Timothy White Shoots for "Cowboys and Aliens"

[BTS] Timothy White Shoots for "Cowboys and Aliens"

Well, It seems like the video doesn't allow embedding so everybody check it out HERE

This is a great behind the scenes video from Timothy White as he does the promotional photography for Cowboys and Aliens. I'll warn you, there's not much about the technical side of photography, a lot of these shots are done with natural light, but you can see most of his lighting set ups when he does use lights, and he talks at length about environmental portraiture and creating a dramatic image.

There's also some really good tidbits about working with models and creating a relationship with them.




From Nick:

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The video does not allow embedding. 

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Yea sorry guys, I didn't notice that the video wasn't working properly, but there's a link to it in the article and in the comments. 

That is a great find Nick, I enjoyed the video. Welcome to FStoppers!

nice vid

Thank you all for the compliments......wanted to just let you know that most of what you see in the video is not made with natural light, some shots were but most are lit
thanksyou.....  Timothy White photographer

What a great vid. Quite a few years ago I attended a presentation that Timothy gave of his work at the Apple store on 5th Ave. I think Aperture had recently been released. He's a great presenter and has some amazing work in his portfolio. I remember asking him if he shot mostly film or digital 'whatever the client asks for' he replied.
Since then whenever I've looked at his website it never seemed to be updated so I often wondered what had happened to him and whether he was still shooting. I really enjoyed this video and it would be great to see more like this especially as movie publicity photography hardly ever credits the photographer involved.

Me, I've gone back to shooting film and I love it. It's hard to beat pure photography.


Quite interesting that te original post work is not very good, but the final movie poster is pretty awesome