Exceptional Self Portraits From a 14 Year Old Photographer

Exceptional Self Portraits From a 14 Year Old Photographer

At 14 years old, I personally, was riding bikes, drawing and playing video games. I had literally no clue that I was going to become a professional photographer, or even how to really use a camera. So when I see photos from 14 year olds, I expect work as scatterbrained as I was. Boy am I wrong. Meet Zev, a 14 year old photographer who has the creativity and photo manipulations that will put most of our photography portfolios to shame.

Zev, (Better known for his nickname “Fiddle Oak”) is a fourteen year old photographer based out of Natick, Massachusetts with a truly imaginative way of taking photos. With the help of his 18 year old sister, Nellie, Zev captures a fairy-tale style of self portraits that will make you smile and stare at with awe.


Be sure to check out his incredible flickr stream and website, and watch out for this kid to take over the industry in the next couple years.

[via Demilked & Flickr]

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I quit. I have enough trouble with self-esteem.

No kidding! Same Here!


damn same here..

There's a photographer from GR MI that does similar work that I ran across on Etsy, gorgeous photos, Thanks Zach!

NIce work.

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Bright future if he can keep it up and get associated with ad agencies. Lots of good photographers never make it beyond small projects for locals because they can't get to the big art buyers. His work is great for commercial but breaking in can be hard.

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Thats why I'm posting this. Hopefully if nothing else...its gets the attention to some people who have some contacts for him.

Great Work !! 14 - Wow

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"With the help of his 18 year old sister..."
It not clear what she contributes to this. Is she doing the comp work? That would explain a lot. I'm not saying a kid his age can't do that kind of comp work, but it's unclear what she brings to the table.

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I imagine it has a lot to do with using the camera. Being that most all of these are self portraits, it helps to have someone there to shoot a bunch of frames instead of using a remote.

zev here, my sister helps alot. I always shoot and edit, but she is my partner in crime on many of the photo shoots, and many of the setups are here handiwork.

very few of the selfies were taken by nellie. I use a remote, other then when the camera is too far away, when I use the time laps mode taking pictures every 5 or so seconds.

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OK, so are you doing the compositing work then? Even if not, you and your sis are doing very good work, keep it up.

yup. thank you kindly.

Awesome work, Zev!

Awesome amazing work and imagination!!! I believe you have many pro photogs green with envy that they havent been able to think out of the box. Dont lose this as you grow up.

I say make a photography company that is the two of them. You can't hire one without the other. Win.

I wish there were more of him and less of YouTube trolls at his age. Wonderful and wanderlust soul.

Absolutely astonishing! He will be a great professional!

Incredible talent:)

This is great, young man. I'm totally stealing your idea. Haha :D Just kidding. Actually I'm not.

Outstanding work!

Lovely work- it's great to see that the images/ self-portraits hold a lot of narrative in them :) Keep up the good work ;o

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Amazing work. Hope his talents are discovered!

Really cool!

it was this sort of photography that made me become a photographer in the first place, strangely enough I haven't done many of my own manips in this fashion. I must get onto that :P

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I don't know why we insist on calling such heavily manipulated images: photography. Is it art? Yes.
Does it incorporates digital images that were made with a camera? Yes. That however, is where is ends. This is digital art. I cannot bring myself to call it photography in the way that Henri
Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton or Annie Leibovitz make photographs.

This is more Salvador Dali than anything else.

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So this is photography to you...and not digital art?


He needs to publish his own work via a kickstarter project, his pictures would make a great "coffeetable" book... and needless to say, being 14 seals the deal

This is just out of this world! Keep up the good work kid, and make sure fstoppers write about it!

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