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Great Images Using Mirrors To Create Interesting Portraits

Great Images Using Mirrors To Create Interesting Portraits

Mirrors. Something each one of us owns. Most people use it to make sure they look OK, but some people use it to create awesome portraits. Using a mirror can give depth to your image, give you more detail you'll never get without it. It shows you things that are usually hidden from the camera. Portraits using a mirror as a prop also tell a stories - they make you think about the situation and the story behind it. Using mirrors is also a great way to show the surroundings - it gives you a way to see whats behind the camera as well as whats in front of it. Check out this great set of images showing exactly that.

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Love captured in the Mirror
Photo: Steven Young.

Photo: Andrew Kovalev.

A modern bride.
Photo: Julia Dávila-Lampe.

Photo: Piotr Obal.

WEDDING / MARIAGE : In the Mirror
Photo: Sebastien LABAN.

Photo: Cari Ann Wayman .

Photo: Mariczka Rubon.

Photo: Anna Erlingsdottir.

fading out of sight
Photo: Jan Scholz.

delusional disorder
Photo: Holly Henry.

Photo: Michela.

staring down the darkness
Photo: Michael Marsh.

IL Trucco
Photo: Giuseppe Bongiovanni.

Photo: Sarah Hoey.

Photo: Michela.

Photo: Alec Dawson.

Photo: Zachary Schwaller.


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Here is mine, together with how it got in the newspaper like that:


didn't expect to see here here. haha It sure is something different.

What a disappointment!! I was hoping to see a bunch of teenagers in the bathroom taking "selfies"

These are really well done. Here's one I did last year that I really dig:


Why the Photo by Mariczka Rubon?

My version in India here!

From my first wedding...

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/audicy/8028397516/" title="Getting ready by Sawyer Photography, on Flickr" rel="nofollow"></a>

I did a whole series of self portraits through mirrors.


If you want to see photographers regularly making use of reflection and silhouette with incredible results, check these guys out: http://twomann.com/ They are inspiring.

I saw these on the Profoto Blog as well as in PDN EDU and I thought they were amazing! The photographer's name is Katie Thompson and her use of mirrors is truly stunning: http://www.profoto.com/blog/portrait-photography-2/katie-thompsons-shatt...

Here is a gallery from a mirror shoot. Some of these are NSFW.


I love mirror photos and this is a pretty good set. My def fav is by Steve Young


Nice variety, here is mine... feel free to send me questions and comments by <a href="https://www.facebook.com/omaralharran" rel="nofollow">clicking here</a>

Some really nice images. Here is mine.

Interesting collection... on a simpler note here is one I did with a BTS shot ... wanted to go with a white-out in a bathroom environment, using my DIY 22" beauty-dish.
FINAL full-ressed version:

What a great examples! I'm going to use some ideas for my bridal photography.