How To Take Professional Portraits With A Lensbaby

Holli True is a very well known wedding and senior portrait photographer based in Oregon. In the video below Holli takes us on one of her senior portrait sessions and explains how she gets a different look using Lensbaby products. Lensbabys are basically very simple tilt lenses. If you are unfamiliar with how they work, check out the second video as well.

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Not so much the photos from the shoot in the second half, but the photos holli showed as examples really sold the lens to me. Loved the style and look. Really fresh.

Looks cool, wish I could afford it.

i won one of these lens in a photo comp but haven't yet tried to really use it.  Very nice samples in the video i enjoyed the video alot.

Great timing, I played with one for the first time in a family portrait session this past weekend.  They looked in focus on my lcd, we'll see how they turned out on my monitor.

Holli! It was a great surprise to see this video of you here. You're such an amazing person, friend and of course photographer! Keep on rocking it!!!

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is the best photos I've seen with lensbaby. The portrait and the light are so beautiful.

I am so honored and absolutely thrilled to see our Lensbaby video here!  We had such a great time working with the amazing crew at Lensbaby, creating the instructional video.  We love their lenses, they've allowed us to take our photography new places, maintaining our unique style and brand.  :)  Thank you so much for posting the video!!