Jeff Johnson Takes Some Amazing Travel Photos

Jeff Johnson is a very talented lifestyle and advertising photographer based out of California. He is probably best known for his adventurous images as the staff photographer for Patagonia. He has also worked with Best Buy, Macy's, Target, and General Mills. So when he sits down with Marc Silber to talk about how he produces great travel photos you better take notes. I hope all you outdoor and nature photographers enjoy this video.

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Sick, I love his style for sure!

Thanks guys, been waiting all day!! Great video very inspiring!!

I think you have the wrong Jeff Johnson on the link. He resides in Ventura, California.
I see different person under Info on your link.

sorry guys, but the link is wrong, the photographer in this video is not Jeff Johnson from Minneapolis, MN., it´s JJ from Ventura, California

so, this is the right link:

Love the video and the photographer, but you linked up the wrong guy. You can find this Jeff Johnson's work at

While browsing through the "watch instantly online" section of netflix a few months back, I stumbled upon 180 South and it instantly became a personal favorite. Had no idea Jeff was also a professional photographer. Awesome stuff, thanks for posting.

Thanks guys, I loved 180 South and really enjoyed talking with Jeff-- his images knock your eyes out. We're editing a long form of this you'll be able to see soon