[Pics] The Best Fstoppers Facebook Group Photos of January

As many of your may know, we have a vibrant and extremely active Fstoppers Facebook Group that keeps expanding. I truly believe that if you're looking for some inspiration to pull you out of your latest photo rut, the Fstoppers Facebook Group is a great resource.

It is time to showcase what we considered to be the best, most well executed photos of the last month here for everyone to appreciate. If you have some stunning work you want to share with the Fstoppers, you might just find it here featured as one of the top shots of the month. Keep in mind, I purposely left out any of the photos currently entered in a contest, because I don't want to spoil the surprise.


Thomas Ingersoll


Avrohom Perl


Antonio Genovia


David Vega


De'Jon Dae Howerton


Dexter Maneja


Ernie Passwaters


Levy Moroshan


Rebecca Britt


Sara Kiesling


Vincent Landin


William Walker

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Some really great shots!  I particularly liked number ten by Sara Kiesling (so quirky) and number eleven by Vincent Landin (just looks far too cool) .  :)

Thanks!!!! I just saw that I got featured!

Really great work! :)

I don't see the images, just the names & a fine line...?

what browser are you on? 

I'm having the exact same problem. Using Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer 9

My favorites are #1 and #5 I really wish I could be that good in photoshop! :) I need to register again to Kelby Training :)

Avrohom Perl's picture

Thanx Jaron.

For those who want to know what the story behind my photo is... Dont drink when pregnant!

When I see or hear about that it makes me think that alcohol can't be good for you no matter what if it is capable of that. 

Jaron @ FStoppers's picture

Seriously... that photo makes me hurt every time I see it, but it's because of that emotion that it is such a great photo. But alcohol... ugh...

Rob Mills's picture

i can't see the images either... i see i'm not the only one

Woot!!!! Thank you guys! That's awesome!!! The model and I appreciate it so much.

1,3,4 fav :-)

thank you very much fstoppers team... ^_^

thanks x 10

#7 by Ernie Passwaters is my favorite! I also like #3 by Antonio Genovia.

Dave's picture

Much appreciated!! I do enjoy positive feedback on my work.

David Vega

I feel honored. Thank you so much! 

Chip_Atl's picture

No images on IE8 for me either  :(

So awesome!!! Just saw this!! Very cool to be featured!

photoshop is great

Whoa!  I just saw this too!  Thanks Yall!