A Portrait Of Jesus With Photography and Pastels

This video is a little different than anything we've posted before but I figured it would be enjoyed by those of you who are celebrating Easter. Jeremy Cowart is one of the hottest American photographers right now and his portfolio is absolutely sick! But in this video he is creating a rather unique portrait of Jesus using pastels, photoshop, stock images, and random elements from snap shots. The amount of effort that went into this portrait is quite remarkable, and almost every texture is so subtle you would never know half of what went into making this image just by looking at it. It's pretty exciting to see such a well respected photographer pushing his own craft in a way that is so different than what he does on a daily basis. The second video below shows Jeremy making a portrait of Tom Yorke in this same style.

Jesus Portrait:

Tom Yorke:

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Correction : the last video is not a self portrait but the portrait of Tom Yorke...


Amazing video. Thanks Jeremy Cowart for posting the process and FSTOPPERS for sharing it here. Happy Easter everyone!

Craig Pulsifer's picture

The Book says that faith without works is dead... this strikes me as faith in action... nice work, Jeremy!

Wow, the result is simply wonderful! But my mac would have exploded if I stacked so many layers :D

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Cowart does it again, that guy has mad skills! Great vid

I love the mixing of media with pastels and computer manipulation. His Thom Yorke video is sick too.


M's picture

What the... wha...

Brain not feel good...

So can anyone give me a rundown of what just happened? lol