Update On The Vivian Maier Story

Remember the Vivian Maier story we posted a few weeks ago? Well it has been the most popular post we have ever had on Fstoppers. For those who found it as intriguing as I did, here is an update. Below, CBS News covers the story in a new interview and I would highly suggest checking out vivianmaier.blogspot.com where you can stay up to date on the newest images that have been scanned in.

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Alexander's picture

In my opinion, this woman's work is Magnum standard....

joel penland's picture

In my opinion her collection of B/W >STREET< photography is beyond anything the Magnum photographers (or others) have produced.

Lee Morris's picture

Magnum standard?

August Young's picture

If I were in Chicago I would go see her show... Im sure it will eventually make its way back to NYC :-)

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Alexander's picture

Surely you've heard of Magnum Photo? See link posted by Arcade Original above.

Ryan J. Bolger's picture

As a proud Chicagoan photographer myself I have to say that this story is one of abosolute best photographic stories ever. Her work is not only Chicago history but she purely Captured world history. I can not even describe how powerful her work is and how it makes me feel. I had the pleasure of experiencing her show @ the Chicago Cultural Center and it's just powerful. I first heard about her about a year ago. I checked out the blogspot website then and I was blown away. It's great to see her work finally be bale to do what photography can do. Inspire and move people. She will for sure be remembered as one of the best ever. Great story I'm glad to see you guys share it with the world.

Sam Brill's picture

I'm very surprised you haven't heard of Magnum, Lee. Some of the best out there! :)

Lee Morris's picture

Hah ya it's true, I have never heard of Magnum. I must admit, before Fstoppers I wasn't connect AT ALL. I've never been to a workshop or read a book on photography. When people asked me who my favorite photographer was I didn't even have a single name that I knew.

This website is helping me much more than it is helping you guys :)

jonathan delano's picture

Very cool, wonder how many other undiscovered great photographs there are out there in attics, basements and storage centers.

Keith Hammond's picture

i have been following this and it is an amazing story, i see the exhibition is coming to the UK in July for the London Street Photography Festival, can't wait to see it

Bert's picture

imo her stuff is some of the best street photography I've ever seen, up there with the best of them. Subject, composition, exposure, sharpness, all are pretty damn spot on. I'm not sure what order he is scanning these in but if it's oldest to most recent I think we're in for a treat! =) I'm hoping that there is some kind of date on them so that we can see her progression as an artist, that would be pretty awesome. I think this story is so cool because we get to see her entire career all at once (well, as fast as this guy can scan them in). It's not like anyone has heard of her and was like "hey this woman is a good photographer" and followed her on twitter or followed her blog, it was just BAM, everything right here all at once. It's just something that might be once in a lifetime for us and I'm pretty excited about seeing all of it.

Beach's picture

This is such an amazing story. And I think there are important lessons to take from it in this digital age. How many of us have physical copies of our work and would be able to leave a legacy such as this... even if it were just to be as a record of our family for future generations? Unfortunately, I doubt we'll be seeing stories like this 50 years from now.

Keith Hammond's picture

@ Beach : "I doubt we’ll be seeing stories like this 50 years from now"
there will be stories like this when people find old disscarded external hard drives that managed to survive the next big flood / ice age or whatever is on it's way :-)

RC97's picture

More people shoot film that you think. I think I've picked my my digital camera for personal photography maybe twice in the last six months.

Mike's picture

It's too bad she wasn't a little younger :P

Awesome photography.

Andrew Chavis's picture

I'm a huge fan of Street Photography. Getting someone's point of view of their city or town is such a personal artistic expression. I'm loving going through some of her work. Inspires me to get back into it.