Video Interview with Brandon Stanton of 'Humans of New York'

Video Interview with Brandon Stanton of 'Humans of New York'

Over a year ago we wrote about Brandon Stanton's project named 'Humans of New York' where he photographs random people in NYC and post the results on his blog (and Facebook). Back then his project was still small and not-so-known, but today he has millions of followers and each one of his photos go viral within seconds of posting. Brandon just released his first book this week featuring his best 'Humans of New York' photos, and to promote it, ABC's 'Nightline' spoke with him about his project - worth watching!

[Via ABC News]

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I'm very excited to get my copy of that book

I really enjoy HONY. Brandon has started something very powerful, especially as told by the words in this news reel. But I can't help but image how much more powerful it would be if Brandon started properly framing his photos instead of always placing subjects in the middle. So many of his photos would be even more extraordinarily powerful with the right composition.

i've ran into this guy so many times on the streets and never had the guts to approach him and talk to him, shame on me. :-(