Creating Vignettes with Curves: An FS PPT by Sean Armenta

Hello Fstoppers! My name is Sean Armenta, and this is my little spot on Fstoppers called The Post Production Tutorial. If you enjoy these videos, feel free to subscribe to my new Fstoppers PPT Youtube Channel for the latest updates. Feel free to connect with me on the right side bar and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about retouching.

Today I demonstrate how to use a curves adjustment layer to introduce a vignette to your photograph in order to give more separation between your subject and background. Because you will be using an adjustment layer that has a mask attached to it, you will have a great amount of flexibility with the amount of vignetting.

I also do photography and retouching workshops over at On June 25th, we have a retouching workshop aimed just for photographers who want to develop a more efficient post production workflow.

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Andreas Feustel's picture

What a pity that this video ist not available in Germany because of the music used in the video!

This kind of YouTube limitations really suck!!


Ringo's picture

Yeah, that sucks, but you can use a proxy like

That makes no sense, it's original music

Andreas Feustel's picture

Yes, it's frustrating sometimes and it feels like living an a Third World country or living under dictatorship with internet censorship. The power and paranoia of the music industry is going too far in my opinion.

Finally using solved this problem for me. Thanks Ringo!



Always like Sean's vids...  Appreciate the video tips and the time he takes out to make them..