How To Create Realistic Dents And Damage In Photoshop

My buddy and talented retoucher and photographer Glyn Dewis has done it again. He's created another awesome post production tutorial for those of you interested in improving your composite skills. He shows easy and effective tools to create dents and damage effects in your images. In this case, he adds battle damage to an otherwise pristine Iron Man character he photographed.

With Halloween approaching and Iron Man being one of my favorite superheroes, I had to share Glyn's post and certainly inspires me to add some battle damage to some of my new photoshoots coming up. I'll be honest, I am pretty jealous he got to photograph such a high quality Iron Man costume before me!

Glyn told me this about his Iron Man shoot : "It's a personal project done with the intention of forcing myself to learn techniques I hadn't considered before or had call for; but that is exactly how I learn…by continuing to push myself into a corner and be forced to come up with a solution to a retouch..and that is what I get a real kick out of."

Make sure to check out more of Glyn's tutorials on his website:

[Glyn's Original Blog Post]


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Mike Macdonald's picture

This is such a brilliantly simple but effective tutorial.
Thanks Glyn and Doug!

Glyn Dewis's picture

Thanks Mike

Bob Bell's picture

Wicked, and as Glyn suggested on his Facebook...get your mates car and put a massive dent in it, then send him the pic with "who's done this mate?!" Lol ;D

Jens Langen's picture

Just watched your video about selections.
You. Are. The. Man.