How to Edit Stunning Portraits Using Luminar AI

Luminar AI offers a very different workflow when compared to Lightroom and Capture One, and one of the biggest differences is probably the speed at which changes can be made, thanks to some intelligent automation. This short video gives you insights into simple techniques that deliver great results.

Photographer Julia Trotti has been using Luminar AI for a couple of months and shows how easy it is to retouch skin. Personally, as someone who edits on a machine that’s now a few years old, I like the idea of being able to select a series of areas to be healed before telling Luminar to do its erasing (the Lightroom equivalent of healing or cloning). If Lightroom worked the same way, it would speed up my editing immensely, as the lag between each click when doing spot removal can be pretty painful.

For me, Skylum's latest software prompts the question: will Lightroom start to add more AI-powered tools to future versions? For example, could we see Lightroom incorporate a slider that allows you to brighten a face similarly to that seen in this video? Will we see features such as eye-widening and face slimming start to appear without having to jump across to Photoshop?

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Adam Palmer's picture

Went to check it out but I didn't see a trial available.

Marthin Uhrenholt's picture

I can not recommend this program, it is so unstable. i have a powerful workstation, i regret buying luminar Ai