How to Transition Grades in DaVinci Resolve 14

When grading videos, it’s not rare that we have to transition grades between different sequences or within one single shot. Using DaVinci Resolve 14, it’s quite easy to achieve a perfect transition from one grade to another. In this three-minute long tutorial, Casey Faris shows us just how to do this.

Color grading each sequence is one step of the overall grading process, it’s just as important as making sure the colors and toning are consistent across the whole edit. One way to make sure the sequences and part of them don’t look too bad is to add a transition between the different grades you designed.

One solution is offered in the tutorial above where Casey Faris guides us through the process using DaVinci Resolve 14. Obviously, the process isn’t very complicated and could undoubtedly be reproduced in a similar fashion in other video editing and grading solutions. His methods consist of creating two grades, one for the beginning of the clip, then another for the end, and finally creating a cross dissolve transition between the two clips. If you do all of your editing in Premiere but grading in DaVinci, this solution still works, and the transition could even be created within Premiere if needed.

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