A Podcast Interview About The Retouching Industry With Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Before starting in the world of retouching, I always wanted to know more about it. Now that I'm working full time as a retoucher, I am happy to give back when I can. Julia Kuzmenko McKim of the Retouching Academy reached out to me to speak with her on retouching, inspiration, and business. If you aren't familiar with her already, she's also a staff writer here. 

Be sure to check out her amazing posts as well as the work she's doing with the Retouching Academy.

I hope this podcast gives some insight into some questions you may have had with the industry as well. I really enjoy the work Julia does in giving to the community and do hope you guys find this interesting.

Also as a quick heads up, I will be teaching a few great retouching classes at the Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas this May. Check out the details here (http://fstoppersworkshops.com/pratik-naik/. Come out and spend some time with us, you need that break! Check out the promo video on what you can expect at this year's workshop!



Via Retouching Academy

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great stuff Pratik and Julia!

Hey Stephen, thank you!

nice!!!!! Thanks Pratik and Julia

Cheers my good friend!

Thank you Pratik! I must say your answers have been really helpful - I often make mental notes now: "Pratik would do it this way..." "Pratik retouches so many more hours a day, I must increase my retouching time..." :)

It's definitely a mutual feeling! I love being inspired by you. Thanks again!

I listened to this interview a few weeks ago and I enjoyed every minute of it. I have to say it is humbling to hear individuals like Julia and Pratik talk about their experience as creative professionals. #TeamJulia

I am so glad you liked it Lorenzo!

Kuzmenko McKim is the only contributor of high-end photography and retouching content here at fstoppers. Most other contributions are mediocre at best. Some are outright cringeworthy (to use moderate wording). That's a bit saddening.

Very good interview! I follow work Pratik and Julia for a long time now, many thanks for your experince an will to share!

Very inspiring! See you two in the retouch academy on facebook! :)