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Professional Retoucher Natalia Taffarel Shows Us Her Techniques And Workflow

You are probably familiar with Natalia Taffarel as we've featured her in the past. In case you aren't, you can check out her work here. What I love about Natalia is that not only is she a great retoucher but she's also very open and giving. Ever since I've known her when she started, she's always had a great attitude about sharing and helping others grow. This video really shows her character come through. 

Just recently, Train to Create, Wacom Europe and X-Rite made a London workshop possible with Natalia. In the mix, X-Rite was gracious enough to host a webinar showcasing some of Natalia's techniques and workflow. Along the way, she showcases the mentality and reasoning behind everything she does in her workflow. I was so impressed with the amount of information she presented that I felt that it would be a great video for anyone to watch and learn from.

Be sure and check out this gem of a video!

[Via X-Rite Archive]

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Russ Evans's picture

Nice content, No digging he accent, ummm

Dennis Titov's picture

Argentina:) She's a really nice and helpful person...

Darren House's picture

She is awesome!

Russ Evans's picture

Yes she is! I wasnt trying to be rude! The video was extremely helpful.

Nick Li's picture

what's the point of digging people's accents in speaking English as long as you understand them and learn from them? haha.

David Apeji's picture

Those dodge and burn masks look like monsters - really creepy.

John Flury's picture

cool stuff, I learned a lot!

Ernesto Borges's picture

she is the best!

Jeff Berry's picture

Question: So at about 38min in, she begins discussing her dodging and burning process, but she does not show how she created the layers in the "D&B" group (labeled "Curves *" & "Curves 7") to actually DO the dodging and burning. I can tell she's using the paint brush to paint the masks on these layers but I don't know the nature of the layers. Can someone explain this?

Nathalia Takeuchi's picture

I believe she created two Curves layers. In one she lightened the middle tones, inverted and on the other she darkened the middle tones and inverted as well. Then she used the white brush to dodge and burn in each layer.

Chris Gallego's picture

First off, I'm sorry my English and my ignorance about this theme.

This video is from 2013 (or at least the article) so... the techniques in photo retouching are the same today in 2018 or are they changed?