Some of the Best Plugins for Final Cut Pro X

Plugins for software were once considered something of a gimmick, but are now closer to a staple. Here are some of the best plugins for Final Cut Pro X that might just increase the quality of your video productions.

The first plugin I bought for software over a decade ago was a colossal waste of my money and time. I remember a photographer I respected using it and as his images were superb, so I decided to see just how much of that was down to this post-production plugin. Not very much at all was the answer. That experience put me off all kinds of plugins for several years.

However, when I finally dipped a toe back into these waters, I found that every piece of software I use, from Photoshop to Premiere Pro, had plugins that could revolutionize my work. Sometimes they can smooth out and speed up your workflow, sometimes they can add some extra polish, and sometimes they're just good for experimenting; I've experienced them all.

When it comes to videography specifically, there are aspects that are tricky to make look truly professional, but with which the right plugins can transform it into a far easier task, with better results to boot. In this video, Peter Lindgren takes you through some of his favorites for Final Cut Pro X.

Which plugins are your favorites?

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