Three Mistakes That Photographers Should Avoid

The wonderful thing about creativity is that there are no real right or wrong answers. There are plenty of artists that regularly break the rules in order to produce something compelling or beautiful. Nonetheless, there are still certain practices that can be widely disliked and preferably avoided. 

In our latest video, I discuss three mistakes that I think should be avoided by beginner photographers. Of course, there are no real rules when it comes to producing art; however, I think that there are better methods instead of the mistakes outlined in the video. For one, shooting at really small apertures on a full frame or smaller format camera is probably not a good idea. Generally speaking, shooting with really small apertures produce images that are soft. That softness in the image pretty much defeats the whole point behind wanting to stop down the lens in the first place. 

Also, the other thing to consider is the fact that when you do stop down your lens to the smallest apertures, chances are you still won't be able to get everything in proper focus. The increase in depth of field merely puts a larger portion of the image into the area of acceptable focus. Acceptable focus is different from actual focus.

Check out the full video above, because I also offer and demonstrate alternatives that could help you improve as a photographer. 

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Ben Coyte's picture

Guilty on the grunge HDR thing, but grew out of it pretty quickly. I did use it on a series I shot in Japan on post tsunami devastation. On the solo colour thing, got it out of my system early on, though it clearly can work in some circumstances, but it never rescues a bad shot and usually shooting with the idea in mind can distract from composition basics.

John Kisch's picture

All very good, helpful suggestions, Usman. And your backyard worked perfectly for the exercise.
Now if you can only convince beginners to stop shooting puddle reflections and turning them upside down....IMHO.