PostalPix Arrives on Android Devices: Get Printing!

PostalPix Arrives on Android Devices: Get Printing!

The wonderfully affordable and easy-to-use mobile printing app for the photos on your phones has arrived for Android. I personally love this app because of... well, everything. It does everything right, and the final product is of great quality. For those of you originally disappointed that it was only on iOS, be disappointed no more.

If you aren't sure what this app does, it allows you to print the photos taken on your iPhone and Android devices affordably. Just select what you want and in what quantity, and in a couple days they'll be in your mailbox. They also do aluminum prints, which look stunning.

You can download PostalPix from Google Play now! Woo hoo!

Not sure if this is for you? Read our review!

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Andres Trujillo's picture

How does this compare to MPix (in print quality, I've already check the pricing and it isn't severely different)?