Beloved iPhoneography VSCO App Getting an Update

VSCO teased the Instagram and mobile photography community this weekend with a promotional video for their upcoming new app called ‘VSCO Cam’. Promising huge improvements over its original program, VSCO aims to take the mobile editing community by storm with its latest update. Best part of all? It’s free.

With no release date set, its hard to say when the new app will be released into the App Store. But with the videos and images released this weekend, one could suspect that it could arrive any day now. Peek at some of the images below to see the new featuring being introduced.

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At this time, its Apple iOS only.

[via VSCO]

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Zach Sutton is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and headshot photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. His work highlights environmental portraiture, blending landscapes and scenes with portrait photography. Zach writes for various publications on the topic of photography and retouching.

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I'm super excited. I use VSCO Cam to process just about every shot I take with my iPhone. Definitely a must have, and a long deserved update.

Note that they pulled the (soon to be old) app from the app store, and have asked all current app users, who paid for it, to do the latest update, as it will unlock something from the upcoming app.

I imagine the freebie is a filter set, as the new "free" app requires you to pay for the filter sets.

Am I missing something? I just picked the original app up an hour ago after seeing this.

Hmm, I was just going off of:

"As a result, we will be pulling the original VSCO Cam™ from iTunes, but as a “thank you,” we are issuing a final update to the app. This update contains a special bonus that will activate the day the new VSCO Cam™ launches. If you are an existing VSCO Cam™ user, we urge you to update your app right away. Time is limited!"

- maybe they haven't pulled it yet?

Maybe I didn't get the original app? I picked up an app with that name, but we'll see how it shakes out.

I just did the update with the bonus. The bonus is the legacy filter pack with the 10 original presets. You install the new app, open the original, and it asks you if you would like to download the free legacy pack. Not a huge thing, but still a nice little plus after paying for the app and having the new one come out completely free. New app is bomb btw.

I totally agree. Do you have your Grid yet? I just got mine a few days ago:

No, I signed up for one and am still waiting to hear. I am a fairly new user though, so it does not hurt my feelings in the least to wait while more historied users get the preferential treatment.

Am I the only one who hopes it stays an iOS exclusive app?

Why, you have APPL stock?

For the same reason I hated Instagram after it stopped becoming an iOS exclusive app... It became way too watered down.

People like you are the reason apple users get hate and made to look like a bunch of fan boys.
Please never voice your opinions.

Because I sincerely feel like an app went down the drain once it opened up for Android? Once the developers had to spend their resources on two different OS'? Don't be silly.

It didn't though, it's not an app that needs constant overhauls or content updates. It's stable and functions intended. Explain how it went down the drain. Also if you think google can't manage a cross platform app then you have some serious thinking to do.

Google runs Instagram? Or VSCO?

And the quality of the content went south, on Instagram.

Gotta be honest, that's a bit of a silly statement.
I'm an Android Instagram user. I try to take interesting, and visually interesting photographs that are worth sharing. I follow a lot of people, both Android and iPhone users. They're excellent too!

There's also a lot of junk content on Instagram - it's usually in the explore/featured page. There are captioned images, reposts, silly slogans, girls not wearing a lot. And you know, if you visit their profiles you'll see they claim to be "iPhone only users" or just using the iPhone, like a badge of honour.

The quality of the content may have gone south, but it's nothing to do with Android. It's to do with having more people - from whatever OS they're using.

Yes. What a ridiculous thing to hope.
Because vague feelings of technological superiority are far better than letting everyone have access to creative tools.

Next you'll be telling me that if you don't use iOS you're not a real photographer.

Yup. It's true. If you use an Android, you're not a true photographer.

You're surely not serious. I'm really hoping you're being ironic, David!
Because the alternative isn't particularly pleasant.

(maybe I'd better chuck away all my cameras...just in case he's right...)

Definitely being facetious here...

Actually, David... it's not about what phone you're using. If you take crappy photos, then it's crappy. Besides, I've seen a lot of iPhone users who are on Instagram that take bad photos than Android users.

They have an Android app in development.

And I'm pretty much excited!

No, but you are definitely one of the reasons we non-apple ogling photogs love to flame you obnoxious fanboys. SMH

VSCO Cam and VSCO Film are completely different programs/software. This is a new version on VSCO Cam, replacing its earlier version - not anything to do with VSCO film, as you stated.

Anyone else think the hand in the video looks really creepy? awesome news though, can't wait.

Been waiting for an update! Great! Currently takes ages to export full res photos, and there aren't many filter/levels of adjustment.

Sometimes reading things here is like reading/watching the news. They hear parts of a story, understand some then write about it without fully knowing what they're talking about. VSCO cam and VSCO film aren't the same thing. VSCO film is a set of presets for Lightroom, Aperture, and ACR. VSCO cam is for iOS. They're updating VSCO cam and adding new features. I don't get angry or anything when I see stuff like this, because it really makes no difference in my life whatsoever, but just like the news, you're eventually going to lose your credibility and myself and many more will quit coming here and I assume you'll lose money. Figure out what you're talking about before you write about it. You're too big of an information source to be wrong. Don't take the news approach of putting it out there just to be first and correcting it over the following days.

I concur, VSCO Film is a set of powerful presets. VSCO Cam is a camera app. VSCO Cam is actually less perfect in its filters than VSCO Film...

I use this app heavily and it has benefitted me greatly. There is no other app like it or possessing its quality.