Light Meter for the iPhone

Light Meter for the iPhone

I have been looking to buy a light meter since I have been shooting more film . At the same time some light meters can cost the same as a lens and it isn't something I will be using everyday. I stumbled across the Luxi kickstarter project and my problems were solved.

There are some disadvtanges, the attachment doesn't have a pc sync port to trigger lights for metering. I am still impressed by the price and have backed the project myself. Check out the kickstarter video below for more information and see if you would like to be a backer. Prices are at $19 for an iphone 5 and 4 setup. Luxi Kickstarter

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The one on the right will measure flash the one on the left will not. That is why the one on  the right is $$$ and the one on the left $. I already have the light meter app on my iphone which works fine without the attachment.

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whats the name of the app that you are currently using?

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It looks the same as the one being used here? "Pocket Light Meter" And I think it works fine without the attachment?

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its cool if you only shoot with natural light. from what i understand its not supporting strobes etc. 

I love this gadget!  But then, I love all iphone camera apps/gadget :)

I just started processing film and have had a massively difficult time trying to get something to replace the mercury battery in my light meter that has expired.  I live in Mongolia and have tried to retrofit hearing aid batteries with not consistent success.  This app has been SUPER helpful and almost all of my exposures have been accurate within a few stops!... i should mention that i dont have this attachment that comes with it....

I'm not sure what companies ship to Mongolia, but the Wein Cell works as an effective mercury battery replacement. They're available on Amazon, if that's any help.

I also use the app on my phone and it is pretty accurate - I don't think it's necessary to have the diffuser at all since having a spot meter with you can be just as good.

I have the zinc airs but something just isnt right with them. They seem really inaccurate...? a stop or 2 off but when i meter with my camera and check it is inconsistent... really frustrating!!

Huh, that's a total bummer. I've never had any light meter reliability issues, thankfully. 

do you guys think this will really work?