Nikon D810 Available for Pre-Order

Nikon D810 Available for Pre-Order

If you've been holding out for the D800/D800E replacement, today's you're lucky day: it's finally here. Featuring a new 36-megapixel sensor, better ISO range, and shutter and AF technologies from the D4s, the D810 is now available for pre-order from B&H, or you can also pre-order from Amazon, too.

In addition to the body-only kit, Nikon has put the D810 together with three lenses, the Ninja 2 external video recorder, 2 extra batteries, an ME-1 microphone, a Nikon HDMI cable, and some Tiffen variable neutral density filters for $4996.95, which will save over $800 on the individual purchase price of everything in the kit.

Honestly, this kit isn't even bad at all. For the money, these are the lenses I would get if I were in the market for a new D810 and didn't have some of these already...

Read more about the D810 here or on Nikon's website.

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The mic is comical however. Overall not a bad starter video kit if you're just starting out, as a rich kid...

Peter Timmer's picture

US price $ 3296,95
Price in the Netherlands € 3299 = $ 4503,14


Adam Ottke's picture

I'm afraid the story will always be the same until taxes change either here in the U.S. for the worse or there in Europe for the better....