ProMediaGear Shows A Game-Changing Slider, Bowens Talks PocketWizard, & Fotodiox Accessories

Though WPPI is over, we're still going over all the cool stuff we saw. Today, we look at Pocketwizard integration within Bowens' new lights, an incredibly versatile video slider from Pro Media Gear and a bunch of great little upgrades to your GoPro camera system from Fotodiox.

Fotodiox GoPro Gear

It's no question that a GoPro is a handy little camera not only for extreme sports athletes, but for photographers and videographers as well. Compacted into a small little system the GoPro can quickly give you some amazing POV footage for your next BTS videos. And while these camera's are exceptional, they certainly have some fallbacks. One of those being the equipment that comes included with it. While the camera is built to take a beating, the plastic mounting systems aren't. This means, you could be left with a nice little camera and a box of broken mounts in no time.

Fotodiox saw this little error, and decided to correct it. Introducing their new line of GoPro gear. Made of metal (and with some nice colors to boot), this hopes to make the popular camera system a bit more durable. Along with the filter system developed by Fotodiox, they hope to add durability and function to the already popular camera system.

Purchase their GoPro Filter system here.

Bowens Lighting

Bowens lighting is certainly not a new name in the photography lighting game. Around for over 50 years now Bowens has been making some of the highest quality strobe systems available. They plan to maintain that standard after appointing MAC Group as their exclusive marketing and distribution agent in the USA last September (MAC Group also handles ILFORD, PocketWizard, Sekonic, and many more). With these new announcements come many new features to streamline their services from product to product. One of those new features is an easy new way to use pocketwizards with your Bowens lights.  Using a small little module that goes into the light itself, you're able to control all of your lights on any of the pocket wizard channels with ease. Watch as they show us a quick tutorial on how to use this neat little feature. Look for this little module to be released in the coming weeks.

Pro Media Gear Slider

Perhaps one of the most exciting products on the WPPI showroom floor came to us by accident. While walking the floor between meetings, we found this neat little slider by Pro Media Gear.  Using an innovative reversible slider system, ProMediaGear has managed to create a slider that is both curved and straight for maximum versatility when looking to get cool and simple slider shots for your video productions. The system is lightweight, compact and very simple to use. Known for making high quality custom bracket systems, you can be confident that not only will this slider give you great video footage, but can take a beating too. Currently, this slider is sold out and not yet available to manufacturers, but should be in the coming weeks.


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Zach Sutton is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and headshot photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. His work highlights environmental portraiture, blending landscapes and scenes with portrait photography. Zach writes for various publications on the topic of photography and retouching.

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is something not game changing for you?
to bad bloggers have no real journalism educaction.
the buzzword inflation is really epic.....

At least bloggers have the education to spell education, know the right 'too', and construct proper sentences. We'd be in a world of trouble if they wrote like you do.

Not sure if trolling or....

The slider is truly genius.

i can't find the slider on promediagear site, isn't it for sale yet? I'm wondering about the price tag. i want one! ;)

It's technically not available yet...but should be in the next week or two. I believe the price was $599, but I believe he mentions it in his video.

can somebody of fstoppers telt the intervieuwer not to look down and not so un-interested ?

Indeed. was just thinking the same thing.

I've got a Pro Media Gear Tomahawk gimbal and it is really well made, very rugged, and smooth. Might have to get this slider.

Too bad you will probably have to remove the tripod baseplate every time you want to flip it around.

The slider is available at Kickstarter now. Please see the page and become a backer if you need such a slider. Thanks