Yoovi: New App Lets Parents Share And Save Pictures of Their Kids In Hi-Res

Sharing images on social networks can be great in times, but there are many issues with it as well. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter degrade the image quality and size, and makes it hard to control who can see the photos. When you want to share your images with the whole world these platforms are great. But what if you want to share photos of your kids with just your close friends and family? 'Yoovi' is here to solve that!

The new app called 'Yoovi' is solving two major problems parents have today: it lets you choose who can see your images, and in the same time saves the images in full resolution so you can use them whenever you want for whatever you want.

Many parents are afraid to share their kids photos on social networks in fear that the wrong person will see or use the images. Many don't want to share their family trip photos because they don't want the whole world or even just their co-workers to see how much fun they had. With 'Yoovi' this can be solved, and people can decide who will see each one of the images/albums in a very simple way.

The fact that the app is saving the photos in full resolution means you can treat it as another backup for your images. Or even better - a way for your kids to be able to access their own images when they grow up.

'Yoovi' is not out in the app stores yet. To make this happen they need to show their investors there is a general interest from the public - if you want to support them, just sign up on their website and you'll be updated when the app is available.

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