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The Dell Canvas Is the Latest Smart Workspace Touchscreen Display Device

Following Microsoft and Apple's fall releases targeted at content creators and artists, this year at CES Dell announced its world first 8K monitor and 27-inch Dell Canvas. Similar in concept to the new Microsoft Surface Studio and Cintiq 27QHD Touch, the Dell Canvas is the latest device in the quickly growing smart workspace technology category.

Photographer Explores What a Horror Icon's Everyday Life Might Look Like

Artist Jason Shaltz explores the everyday lives of some of horror's biggest icons in his latest personal project, “Everyday Horrors.” Most of us know who Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers are, but outside of their gruesome yet successfully franchised acts, what do we really know about them? Well, like any good horror fan, Jason sat down and tried to capture what it might look like if they lived among us, had errands to run, or just enjoyed a nice day off.

8 Camera Hacks You Can Use in a Pinch

If you find yourself shooting B-roll or detail shots and want to spice it up, but don't have all your gear, here are eight tricks using everyday items you can find on location.

What It's Like Photographing Olympic Fencing

When it comes to Olympic venues no other event goes so far to create such a theatrical experience for the attendees while also making for some of the most dynamic Olympic photographs as fencing.

Turn That Super Moon Photo into Something Creative

Now that the Super Moon has come and gone, just about every photographer has a bunch of great moon shots sitting on their hard drive. With help from Andrei Oprinca over at PSDbox.com, you can turn those images into creative graphic designs for various uses. I turned mine into cell phone wallpapers and gave them to friends and family.

VLC Media Player Goes 360-Degrees for Video and Photos

VLC, created by VideoLan, is a free and open source media player that is both extremely lightweight and can play almost every video format on the market. What makes VLC one of the best options is the fact that it is also available on almost every platform. Now the company is taking a big step forward with its cross-platform compatibility by introducing 360-degree video and photos.

Corey Rich on How to Not F-up Your Next Video Shoot

If you've ever picked up an issue of Climbing or Outside Magazine, you are pretty much guaranteed to have seen Corey Rich's images on the cover. One of the biggest names in adventure photography, Corey has worked for everyone; from Nike and Adidas, to Apple and North Face. As a still photographer and director, his production company handles outdoor film projects in some of the most remote environments on the planet.

Using Instagram Stories as a Marketing Tool for Photographers

Are you using Instagram Stories in your marketing? Are you wondering how photographers are using Stories? With new features like tagging and Boomerang being added this week as well as the possibility of links being added in the near future, Instagram Stories is quickly becoming a great tool for marketing that every photographer should take advantage of. Here is a list of ways you can start using Stories for your business today.

A Simple Tip for Getting Free Wi-Fi in Airports Around the World

Travel is both an important and frustrating part of being a photographer. Many photographers judge their success by how many miles they've flown or days spent on the road. Others dream about getting the chance to fly around the world taking photos. No matter how much you travel, for a lot of us, being in airports and flying in general is a necessary evil. Thankfully, creative people keep coming up with great tools to try to make our time spent in airports less painful.

The Importance and Real Reason for Attending Industry Events like PDN's Photo Plus Expo

Last weekend was PDN’s Photo Plus Expo, and like a lot of east coast photographers I was in attendance. It seems like every year photo conferences get bigger and better drawing in massive crowds and yet there are still photographers who don't see any value in them. It makes me wonder if people understand and are taking full advantage of these events.

Is the Surface Dial the Tool You Didn't Know You Needed?

I'd like to think so. The new Surface Studio may have stolen the show at the Microsoft press conference, but what I'm most excited about is the new Surface Dial. Even though touchscreen devices have started taking over our lives and in many ways increased our mobile productivity, I'm still a big fan of tactile interfaces to help speed up the long hours of editing at my desk.

The Quickly Dying Art of a Cinema Projectionist

Most people never think about what lies behind the small window twinkling with bright light above them at the cinema. Even fewer have had the opportunity to see the projection booth where are all the magic happens. Now that almost all major chain Cinemas have converted fully to digital, most people will never get that chance. K. William McMillan's video gives a glimpse into that world through the eyes of Projectionist Michael Roussete.

How Photographing Skylines Made Me a Better Photographer

Photographing skylines and cityscapes takes a lot of technical ability, both in knowing what gear to bring and how to capture a variety of lighting conditions. Many photographers have made careers out of perfecting this genre, taking it even further by mixing in astrophotography, light painting, and even motion. Whether you're looking to explore your own backyard or get more out of traveling, shooting skylines can open your eyes to new possibilities no matter what type of photography you shoot.