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The Top Astronomical Events of 2020 for Astrophotography

Whether you are looking to get into astrophotography or take your skills to the next level, 2020 has lots of great astronomical events happening all over the world. Planning in advance and being in the right place at the right time is the first step to getting amazing shots.

The Winners of the 2019 Red Bull Illume Photo Contest are Here

The winners of the 5th Red Bull Illume action sports photo contest have just been announced. Just as in previous years the images are an excellent example of what the sports and adventure genres of photography are capable of.

Safety Tips for Nature, Wildlife, and Landscape Photographers Going off the Trail

There has been a rise in tourism and exploration of our natural world and with that, a rise in interest at photographing these beautiful places. Of course, with that rise, we have also seen an increase in accidents as more and more people venture off the trail hoping to capture even better images.

Leica Announces the SL2 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera: My First-Hand Impressions

Leica has just announced its successor to its full-frame mirrorless camera, and it just might be a sign they are listening to the demands of professional photographers. The Leica SL2 has a 47.3-megapixel sensor, an updated Maestro III processor, and is capable of 20 fps bursts. It can shoot video up to 5K 30 fps, C4K 60 fps, and has 5-axis IBIS.

What Is Bit Depth and Does It Even Matter?

Bit depth is one of those camera specs that is confusing for a lot of newer and even some experienced photographers. From capture, to file format, and even editing mode, this video gives a quick introduction to what bit depth is.

How a Photography Trend Evolved Over the Last Century

Photography trends abound; some are fleeting, while others come and go over the decades, never completely disappearing. We don't often stop to look at where they started or realize that we are participating in something even bigger than us.

A Review of Shimoda Designs New Action X Series of Adventure Backpacks

Shimoda Designs made a big entrance into the adventure outdoor camera bag market with its original Explore series. Since then there has been a lot of competition from both new designers and industry leaders. Not to be outdone Shimoda is back with a new evolution of their previous bag with the Action X series.

Tokina Announces Updated New ATX-i 11-16mm f/2.8 CF Lens for APS-C DSLRs

Tokina's original 11-16mm lens has been one of its most popular selling lenses for years offering up something a lot of companies couldn't: a fast and sharp ultra-wide angle lens at an affordable price. Is this new version going to continue the trend and be a successful upgrade for Tokina?

How Animation Like Toy Story 4 Is Evolving to Replicate Real Filmmaking

To some degree, animation, at least in films, has always attempted to capture that cinematic feel. However, in the last few movies made by Pixar, there has been a real attempt made to replicate camera techniques and lens characteristics that seemingly most of the audience wouldn't notice.

10 Steps to Better More Cinematic Interviews

Adding some video production offerings to your photography workload has become pretty common for a lot of photographers. Even though a lot of the technology is transferable, not all the skills are, and shooting interviews, both in the setup and getting better dialogue, can be difficult to learn.

Fstoppers Reviews the Wyze Cam: A $25 Security Cam for Your Hotel

This is a look at how this affordable home security cam can be used for increasing security of your gear while traveling on assignment. Even though it was never designed for this purpose, unlike a lot of other options on the market the Wyze Cam has just the right features to make it possible.

Fstoppers Reviews: The Affordable Huion HS64 Drawing Tablet

Drawing tablets have always been a necessary tool for photo retouchers but just about everyone can benefit from incorporating one into their workflow. Now the new Huion HS64 is a great affordable entry-level option.

Tips for Printing Your Work

Printing your photos is one of the best things any photographer can do for themselves. There are lots of reasons why you should be printing and it gets brought up here on Fstoppers all the time.

Philip Bloom Delves Deep in This Action Camera Comparison

There is no shortage of gear reviews all over the internet that are full of meaningless info, opinions with zero examples, or evidence to back them up. However this video comparison of the DJI Osmos Action/Pocket, GoPro Here 7 Black and just about every other relevant action camera is by far the most comprehensive and info-packed review anyone could ever want.