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Why WPPI 2019 in Las Vegas Should Be Your Next Destination Conference

One of the best investments any photographer can make for their business is in education. There is always new gear, techniques, and knowledge to learn about and there is no better way than a fun destination conference. WPPI held each year on the Las Vegas strip is all about fun, education, and the destination.

What's the Best Email Marketing Platform for 2019?

Even though we spend more and more time on social media and other networking platforms, email is still by far the best and most useful way to grow your business and get your work out there. So what platforms are you using in 2019?

Quick Tips for Avoiding Flash Reflections on Glass

Whether doing event, wedding, or portrait photography, eventually you are going to find your subject in front of or behind a glass surface. Learning tips to avoid your lighting being reflected on the glass can improve your images and save you time in post-production.

How to Get Sharper Handheld Images

It is relatively easy for most photographers to take a few quick snaps even at slow shutter speeds and get sharp photos. But if you've ever spent hours on an assignment or shooting an event, the constant handholding of your gear and general body fatigue throughout the day can slowly make getting sharper images harder and harder.

Creating Your Own Stock Photography Niche

Using your personal interests and hobbies can be a great way to create a stock photography niche that is both creatively and financially rewarding.

Simple Overhead Camera Rig You Can Take Anywhere

If you are looking for something a little more sturdy and flexible than your standard tripod with a horizontal center column for doing overhead camera or video shots than this set up is a great solution.