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How to Build Your Own Studio or Video Lights

Cheap and decent quality LED lights can be found online easily these days; however, sometimes, you have to make specific sacrifices in either quality or function to get those cheaper prices. That's when DIY comes in.

Medical Advice for International Travel Photography

When traveling to exotic or remote locations, it's important to be prepared with both the necessary medications as well as the proper paperwork and insurance that an area requires.

How to Take Photos of Strangers When Traveling

Approaching strangers whether in your own community or from a foreign culture is one of the more difficult skills even veteran photographers often struggle with.

Raising $30,000 on Kickstarter: Building Your Audience, Part 1

There is a ton of information and so many great resources on how to raise money for a project with crowdfunding these days. So I’m going to skip the tips and show you proven strategies to fund your projects no matter what they are.

How to Get the Most Out of and Do More With Your Travel Photography

Traveling to create new photography can get expensive fast, but whether it's for personal work, stock, or your portfolio, it is often a necessary part of advancing your work. There are lots of ways to monetize these images and tricks to shoulder the upfront costs involved in creating them. This is the approach and tips I use to get the most out of my travel photography.

Fstoppers Real-World Review of the Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary Lens

Choosing which lenses to bring on an assignment is a constant back and forth between weight and versatility for me. As an adventure and travel photographer, I’m either hiking all my gear into a remote location or flying abroad for long periods with limited bag space. So when I got the opportunity to test out the Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary lens I was pretty excited.

How You Can Take Better Pictures of Lightning

Getting amazing shots of lightning storms often takes a lot of planning, patience, and long exposure equipment. Photographers who apply these techniques are like photographic storm chasers improving their odds of getting the best possible image at a specific location. But what if you just happen to get caught in a lightning storm while out shooting and you're not prepared?

Take a Tour of the Glidecam Headquarters and Factory

Its always interesting to see just how and where the equipment we buy and use gets made. Especially so when its a successfully self-started company located right here in the US, like Glidecam.

Seven Tips for Getting Better Photos With Your Wide-Angle Lenses

For every tool, or in this case lens, there is often a best case usage. However, breaking the rules and using your lenses in unconventional ways not only makes you a more creative photographer but also more prepared when a shoot or idea doesn't go as planned.

Five Tips For Getting Better Natural Insect Macro Photography

Macro photography specifically the insect type is a world unto itself when it comes to the tools and techniques needed. Getting high-quality portraits of some of the smallest and most import creatures on the planet takes a steady hand and plenty of patience. With better cameras and more affordable lens options, it's even easier now to give insect photography a try.

Sony's New RX100 VI Looks Amazing but Who Is It For?

Point-and-shoot cameras have taken a huge hit over the last five years but several premium and feature-rich models have managed to become quite popular. Sony's RX100 line is often reviewed as one of if not the best in this premium compact category. However, at almost $1,200 dollars who is Sony's newest version meant for?

Complete Review and Comparison of the Fujifilm Instax Camera Line-up

Whether you are looking for that perfect photography gift or something fun to carry with you on your next vacation, Fujifilm has offered instant film for a while now with a variety of cameras and printers that just might be what you are looking for. But we might need some help deciding which of the many models to get.

Medium Format Quality From a Full-Frame Mirrorless: Fstoppers Reviews the Leica Sl (Typ 601)

In late 2015 the luxury camera company Leica released the Leica SL (Type 601) a full-frame mirrorless camera that came packed with top of the line features ready to compete with Canon and Nikon’s flagship DSLRs. Roughly two years later, and with several new advancements in camera offerings, how does the Leica perform? Can it still compete with other flagship models?

Four Settings Every Photographer Should Know on Their Camera

When it comes to our cameras most of us put a lot of time into researching which camera to purchase. We review websites like Fstoppers, read user reviews on B&H and Amazon. All to make sure the camera we end up with has the feature we want and the best image quality we can afford. What we forget, however, is that image quality in real life usage can be quite subjective.

Is This the Only Camera Lens You'll Ever Need? Fstoppers Reviews the Tamron 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD

With recent advances in third-party lens tech and glass quality, Tamron’s new 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD superzoom lens with its small form factor and incredible versatility just might be the best travel and walk around lens for APS-C cameras to date. With a price of $650, this could easily replace two or even three lenses for some users. But who exactly is this lens for?