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Fstoppers Reviews the Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD Lens

The Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD lens is more than an update of the older version it is a complete redesign in almost every way. Its overall design reminds me of the new Sigma Art lenses with its smooth clean lines and all black body construction. Something I’m happy to see Tamron adopt moving forward.

This New York City Time-Lapse Is a Fast Paced Example of Amazing Editing and Sound Design

"A Taste of New York," produced by Peter Jablonowski, Thomas Pöcksteiner, and Lorenz Pritz, is the third installment of their very popular time-lapse series. The team behind Film Spektakel have once again taken their enormous talents and experience with large scale time-lapses and distilled it down to a masterful three minute experience.

Simple and Affordable: Possibly One of the Best DIY Motorized Camera Sliders

The YouTube channel Rideable Entertainment may just have created the most impressive DIY camera slider I have ever seen. It's made partially of wood but not in a cheap way. It has more of a Steam Punk look to it with some effort put into the finishing. The most impressive part is that they even managed to make it motorized, something that a lot of affordable sliders in the early days couldn't even do.

DIY: Build an Affordable Motorized Monitor Lift for Your Desk

DIY projects are in abundance on YouTube and I just can't get enough of them. Back in January I posted about YouTuber Matt Perks from DIYPerks and his amazing project building a 1,000 watt water-cooled LED lamp. Well he has a new DIY project that has me super excited to try and build my own. Perks' new video goes into great detail and lists all the parts needed to build a motorized desk partition that can be added to any existing desk. He calls his a "monitor lift" but the possibilities I've already imaged that I could use it for are even more useful. If you're like me and have a ton of things in and around your desk but very limited and cluttered desk space, then this could be a super easy build that might resolve some of your clutter in a really cool way.

Microsoft Announces Another Device to Its Surface Lineup, Their First Laptop

Welcome the newest member of Microsoft's Surface family, the Surface Laptop, along with the new Windows 10 S and an updated version of the Surface Arc Mouse. The Surface Laptop falls right between the Surface Pro 4, a powerful tablet made to replace your laptop, and the Surface Book, a laptop that can function as a tablet. This new device serves as Microsoft's first clamshell-style laptop and is a clear response to Apple's MacBook built with both the latest hardware and plenty of style.

Photographing an Indoor Rock Climbing Boulder Competition

I spend a couple days a week inside a rock climbing gym when I’m not traveling. So when I got the opportunity to photograph Rock Spot Climbing's Boston Boulder Brawl, one of the bigger local bouldering competitions, I got really excited. As an adventure photographer I've photographed climbing in all sorts of environments but this would be my first attempt at shooting indoor climbing. Of course indoor gyms come with a completely different set of difficulties compared to shooting outdoors.

Father Photoshops Daughter Into Mischievous Situations for a Good Cause

Sometimes as adults we draw our creativity from our children, there is something so innocent and fresh about how they see the world around them. Occasionally a few will include their children in this process and we are usually left with something both clever and adorable at the same time. This is what Stephen Crowley has done with his daughter Hannah, Photoshopping his images to create a story of a mischievous little girl always getting into dangerous situations.

Examining the Myths and Confusion Around Crop Factor Equivilancy

There are countless videos and forum threads discussing and debating about the principles of crop factor, depth of field, and sensor size. However if you are the type to geek out over the math and physics of photography then this is the video for you. This is no simple examination, at 35 minutes long it requires some advanced knowledge on camera sensors.

Five Simple Tips For Fast-Cut Video Editing

A lot of photographers have embraced adding video to their business offerings. With the rise of video-capable DSLRs, shooting video as a photographer comes naturally. Editing video, however, does not always make for an easy skill transition.

Instagram Wants to Help You Book Your Next Appointment

Instagram has been quickly moving its platform to be more than the sharing photos with friends app it started out as. With the news that Instagram has increased its monthly advertisers to one million and plans to increase testing of their Instagram shopping features its obvious where the new direction is heading. Instagram tells Bloomberg that in the next couple months they plan to add an option to book appointments by visiting a company's profile. One of the examples given is being able to click a button and scheduling a haircut through a Salon's profile.

Is How I See Color How You See Color? Four Games That Test Your Color Vision

Photographers typically spend a lot of time thinking about color, everything from editing in Photoshop, calibrating a screen, or lighting with gels and filters, to deciding on wardrobe, set design, and locations. There is no escaping the importance of color in this profession, and yet the way we see and describe color is not so simple. Color vision games can be a great way to test your perception of the world around you and compare that to fellow photographers.

Drone Captures Amazing Footage of Big Wave Surfer Ride and Rescue

In late February an approaching storm sent the big wave surfing community into action when forecasts predicted good conditions for some monster swell near Nazaré, Portugal. Surfers and photographers alike drop everything when big wave conditions appear for the chance of winning one of the Big Wave Awards offered by various companies and organizations. On February 28, drone footage of several surfers was captured in a rescue attempt after one surfer wiped out towards the end of his ride. The resulting footage is an amazing example of how drones are bringing the size, danger, and pure intensity of big wave surfing to spectators and couch surfers at home.

$500,000 up for Grabs in This Year's My RØDE Reel Short Film Competition

RØDE is bringing back its popular short film competition, My RØDE Reel, for its fourth year, with a larger prize pool and more chances to win. With amazing prizes from over 20 of the biggest companies in the industry and talented judges like Philip Bloom, this competition has quickly become one of if not the largest for short films.

Beautiful Landscapes Taken From the Comfort of a Computer

While thousands of adventurers and photographers explore the far reaches of our planet forever looking for that next great vista, Marcus DeSieno spends hours scouring over 10,000 traffic and weather cams quietly watching some of the world's most remote and beautiful places. "I’ve watched the sun set over the Grand Canyon, seen waves crashing into Hawaii, watched storms passing over [the Swiss Alps],” DeSieno told Wired. “It’s all from the comfort of my desk chair.”

Custom and Lightweight Mounting Solutions from Ram Mounts

As many of you I'm sure, I have boxes full of various grip gear: magic arms, C-clamps, A-clamps, ball heads, Studs, and more. I love grip gear. I absolutely love the versatility and functionality each piece has both in its dedicated uses or how you can always come up with new and imaginative ways to solve any problem. There are a ton of items out there made specifically for photography and cinematography but some of my favorite lesser-known grip supports are Ram Mounts. Cheesycam.com seems to feel the same way in one of their newest videos.

How to Create Seamless Cinemagraphs Using Photoshop

Cinemagraphs may not be new but they seem to be popping up more and more as mobile media plays a larger roll in content creation. There are lots of ways to make them using various software and even a few dedicated mobile apps. However, if you want to make one with just a video clip and Photoshop, YouTuber Peter McKinnon's latest video makes it quick and simple.

Is LinkedIn Overlooked by Photographers? Six Tips to Get More Out of It

Is LinkedIn one of the most overlooked social media networks for photographers? With over 460 million users and growing, it’s not something you can just ignore. Yet, that's exactly what a lot of photographers do, myself included. We joined Facebook because everyone was already there, and Instagram just makes sense for visual professionals. LinkedIn started out as a tool for building a resume and finding a new job. As self-employed freelance individuals, do we really have a need for that?

FotoDiox Mirage Trio Novelty USB Multi Device Charging Dock

The Mirage Trio by FotoDiox is a novelty multi device charging dock that can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. It's design is similar to an A series camera from Sony with lots of intricate details, including removable lens and lens cap.

DIY 1000w Equivalent Water Cooled LED 'Sun Blaster'

Matt over at DIY Perks, a Youtube channel dedicated to electronic based DIY projects, made a tutorial on how to build a 1000w equivalent liquid cooled LED light. The best part is it's daylight balanced at 5600k so perfect for simulating a sunny day or Window light when the sun just won't cooperate.