Custom and Lightweight Mounting Solutions from Ram Mounts

As many of you I'm sure, I have boxes full of various grip gear: magic arms, C-clamps, A-clamps, ball heads, Studs, and more. I love grip gear. I absolutely love the versatility and functionality each piece has both in its dedicated uses or how you can always come up with new and imaginative ways to solve any problem. There are a ton of items out there made specifically for photography and cinematography but some of my favorite lesser-known grip supports are Ram Mounts. seems to feel the same way in one of their newest videos. 

I have dozens of various components made by Ram Mounts and use them for all kinds of things, not just my photography. They make products for everything from boats, cars, and motorcycles to laptops and cameras. The best part is just about everything they make works together, so the possibilities for customizing your own usage is endless.

I first came across Ram Mounts looking for better ways to attach small cameras to my motorcycle and quickly realized I needed more for different uses. I bought three different mounting brackets to mount two GoPros and my cell phone onto the bike for long road trips. They hold tight, don't loosen up under the vibration, and give me 100-percent confidence I won't lose or damage my gear while riding.

If they can hold up to use on my bike, then they are more than durable and sturdy enough for use on shoots. As explained in the video, I often use them to mount various auxiliary gear to my camera rig or tripod while shooting video. When locked down on a tripod, I always mount my Tascam recorder directly below my camera to make running sound cables and starting/stopping easier. Similarly to Cheesycam, I'll mount a small monitor or my cell phone or tablet to the camera rig with one as well. I use them to mount my Canon G7X on just about everything; and because they have ball mounts with the GoPro system, I almost always use them over other cheap mounting solutions found on the Internet.

The Ram mounts combined with the standard Manfrotto studs provide one of the best lightweight and versatile mounting systems while being relatively cheap for any camera situation. Sure, Manfrotto makes tons of great products that achieve similar functions, and I have lots of those and use them all the time. However, sometimes you need something smaller and lighter that is just as reliable and rock steady. For me, that's Ram Mounts.

Fun Photo of me riding my bike

Have or are you using Ram Mounts? Let us know how you use them in the comments below.

[Via CheesyCam]

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This is an example of how we use RAM Mounts for action cameras in the Nordic countries. :-)

Awesome vid thanks for sharing. I also use the mounts mounted on my motorcycle helmet.