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Is How I See Color How You See Color? Four Games That Test Your Color Vision

Photographers typically spend a lot of time thinking about color, everything from editing in Photoshop, calibrating a screen, or lighting with gels and filters, to deciding on wardrobe, set design, and locations. There is no escaping the importance of color in this profession, and yet the way we see and describe color is not so simple. Color vision games can be a great way to test your perception of the world around you and compare that to fellow photographers.

Drone Captures Amazing Footage of Big Wave Surfer Ride and Rescue

In late February an approaching storm sent the big wave surfing community into action when forecasts predicted good conditions for some monster swell near Nazaré, Portugal. Surfers and photographers alike drop everything when big wave conditions appear for the chance of winning one of the Big Wave Awards offered by various companies and organizations. On February 28, drone footage of several surfers was captured in a rescue attempt after one surfer wiped out towards the end of his ride. The resulting footage is an amazing example of how drones are bringing the size, danger, and pure intensity of big wave surfing to spectators and couch surfers at home.

Beautiful Landscapes Taken From the Comfort of a Computer

While thousands of adventurers and photographers explore the far reaches of our planet forever looking for that next great vista, Marcus DeSieno spends hours scouring over 10,000 traffic and weather cams quietly watching some of the world's most remote and beautiful places. "I’ve watched the sun set over the Grand Canyon, seen waves crashing into Hawaii, watched storms passing over [the Swiss Alps],” DeSieno told Wired. “It’s all from the comfort of my desk chair.”

Custom and Lightweight Mounting Solutions from Ram Mounts

As many of you I'm sure, I have boxes full of various grip gear: magic arms, C-clamps, A-clamps, ball heads, Studs, and more. I love grip gear. I absolutely love the versatility and functionality each piece has both in its dedicated uses or how you can always come up with new and imaginative ways to solve any problem. There are a ton of items out there made specifically for photography and cinematography but some of my favorite lesser-known grip supports are Ram Mounts. seems to feel the same way in one of their newest videos.

Is LinkedIn Overlooked by Photographers? Six Tips to Get More Out of It

Is LinkedIn one of the most overlooked social media networks for photographers? With over 460 million users and growing, it’s not something you can just ignore. Yet, that's exactly what a lot of photographers do, myself included. We joined Facebook because everyone was already there, and Instagram just makes sense for visual professionals. LinkedIn started out as a tool for building a resume and finding a new job. As self-employed freelance individuals, do we really have a need for that?

Photographer Explores What a Horror Icon's Everyday Life Might Look Like

Artist Jason Shaltz explores the everyday lives of some of horror's biggest icons in his latest personal project, “Everyday Horrors.” Most of us know who Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers are, but outside of their gruesome yet successfully franchised acts, what do we really know about them? Well, like any good horror fan, Jason sat down and tried to capture what it might look like if they lived among us, had errands to run, or just enjoyed a nice day off.

Corey Rich on How to Not F-up Your Next Video Shoot

If you've ever picked up an issue of Climbing or Outside Magazine, you are pretty much guaranteed to have seen Corey Rich's images on the cover. One of the biggest names in adventure photography, Corey has worked for everyone; from Nike and Adidas, to Apple and North Face. As a still photographer and director, his production company handles outdoor film projects in some of the most remote environments on the planet.

Using Instagram Stories as a Marketing Tool for Photographers

Are you using Instagram Stories in your marketing? Are you wondering how photographers are using Stories? With new features like tagging and Boomerang being added this week as well as the possibility of links being added in the near future, Instagram Stories is quickly becoming a great tool for marketing that every photographer should take advantage of. Here is a list of ways you can start using Stories for your business today.

A Simple Tip for Getting Free Wi-Fi in Airports Around the World

Travel is both an important and frustrating part of being a photographer. Many photographers judge their success by how many miles they've flown or days spent on the road. Others dream about getting the chance to fly around the world taking photos. No matter how much you travel, for a lot of us, being in airports and flying in general is a necessary evil. Thankfully, creative people keep coming up with great tools to try to make our time spent in airports less painful.