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VSCO Releases Film 07 – The Eclectic Films Collection

Today the crew at Visual Supply Co. revealed the seventh film pack iteration, VSCO Film 07 - The Eclectic Films Collection. This pack has a refined, cleaner, less gritty feel with focus on the nuances of color.

Are You Ready to Start Booking Weddings?

Well, are you? How do you begin to assess your readiness to cover possibly the most important day of a couple's life? There is no black and white answer to this question; instead, I pose a series of questions to help you answer that for yourself.

Canon Announces Nifty Fifty Lens Update

Canon has announced the long overdue update to the Nifty Fifty. The famous prime retains its fast f/1.8 maximum aperture as well and its affordable price tag. It has, however, slimmed down and bulked up in all the right places.

VSCO Releases Film 00, a FREE Starter Pack Today

The folks over at Visual Supply Co. have make VSCO Film Pack 00 is available for download, for FREE. Pack 00 contains two of the community favorite presets; Kodak Gold from Film pack 05 - Archetype Films Collection and Tri-X from Film pack 06 - Alternative Process Collection.

Fstoppers Reviews the Lensbaby Velvet 56 Lens

Pictured above is the newest addition to the Lensbaby lens family. However, this classic styled glass isn’t just another portrait lens... and how could it be coming from the Lensbaby camp? The Velvet 56 is a solid, beautiful piece of camera hardware with more than one trick up its sleeve.

GoPro’s Behind the Stunts of 'Furious 7'

GoPro has just released a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the insane stunts were pulled off in the upcoming film "Furious 7." You will see the caravan of support vehicles that was utilized for chase scenes as well as how they sent cars careening from cliffs complete with explosions.

3 Simple Steps to Booking the Jobs You Actually Want to Photograph

Tired of booking the same types of shoots? There’s an easy answer: stop posting them. Instead, only post the type of work you want to get hired to do. Coupling strategic use of Instagram with a strong portfolio of the types of shoots you actually want to book is the best way to increase getting the work you want!

VSCOcam Adds Copy + Paste Editing

This morning VSCO finally added the long overdue, batch editing feature in the VSCO Cam 4.1 release. Available to download now from the Android and iOS markets. Along with adding Copy + Paste, they have also added the undo feature into the edit mode.

Beware: Bad Review Extortion Scam Targeting Photographers

There is currently a scam running rampant throughout the photography community and it has damaged countless reputable businesses already. The scam usually perpetuates from your contact form or direct email if listed on your website. Hopefully you won’t encounter this at all, but if you do here are some steps to protect yourself.

Mark Seliger's Oscar Party Portraits for Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is taking to Instagram to show off Mark Seliger’s celebrity portraits from the Oscars last night. While you may not have watched the award show in its entirety, or at all, the shots are worth taking a peek at. Vanity Fair has been uploading a bunch of images from the likes of Steve Martin to Lady Gaga since last night, there is even a neat time-lapse of the team building the studio for Seliger.

Nikon's 2015 Instant Rebate Lens Sale is Live

As done in the past, Nikon is now offering its "lens only" instant rebate sale at the end of their fiscal year. Now is the perfect time to snag that new lens you've been drooling over. The sale is set to expire at the end of the month, so that means you've got until February 28 to pull the trigger.

Allison Stokke Takes You for a Ride in Point of View Pole Vaulting Video

GoPro and Allison Stokke take you for wild first-person experience into what it’s like to pole vault. The 2016 Olympic hopeful and former Cal vaulter takes you through the process from a variety of GoPro placements. In my track days I used to think that pole vaulters were nuts, and this video reinforces that sentiment.

BTS of Getty Photographer Larry Busacca Making the Most of a Small Tent Studio

Larry Busacca of Getty Images was given a very limited time and cramped space to create some of the most memorable images from the Sundance Film Festival. The video showcases Busacca in action, blowing through group shots, pairings, and solos without missing a beat. With some of the most well known faces in Hollywood no less.

Fstoppers First Look at the Moment Case: Updated

Since launching their two mobile photography lenses last year, the Moment team in Seattle has been working hard to improve other aspects of the mobile photography experience. They have revealed their newest creation, the Moment Case, which works in conjunction with their mobile app and current two lenses. With the Moment team’s success with using Kickstarter on their last project, they have decided to turn back to the site to fund the Moment Case as well. The best part is, it’s available for order as of today, and lucky for me I had the pleasure of being the sole individual outside of the Moment team, to test the prototype case prior to today’s launch. However, it’s currently only available for the iPhone 6, which is making me wish I didn’t pick up the 6+ a few months back.

Video Production Near Railway Claims Yet Another Life

Choosing active train routes as a shoot location has claimed yet another life last Saturday. This time it was fitness model and instructor Greg Plitt. When are we going to learn that these locations are dangerous and should be avoided. Putting your life in danger isn't worth the shot, ever.

Vibe's Selfie Flash Is the Phone Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

You've already mastered sneaking your selfies by the window to grab that natural soft light, but now with this smartphone accessory you don't have to work around the sun's schedule. Lenovo's new Selfie Flash is exactly what it sounds like. A 3.5mm headphone jack mounted light designed to illuminate your face for the front-facing camera.

How to Charge Friends and Family for Your Work as a Photographer

When you offer a service, the amount of people who come out of the woodwork to claim their "family and friends" discount is incredible. You can save friendships and avoid family drama simply by setting boundaries that separate friend time from business time. Here are a few helpful pointers on how to prepare yourself and never feel taken advantage of again.

Flickr Pulls Creative Commons Images from Wall Art Service

Last week Flickr pulled all the Creative Commons images from its Wall Art service after massive community backlash. Flickr initially launched the service in July, enabling you to order mounted prints and canvas of images in your photostream. In November, they also added a feature for purchasing licensed artist's work along those marked under Creative Commons.

National Geographic Announces 2014 Photography Contest Winners

Is it your dream to have one of your photographs featured in National Geographic? What about a trip to the headquarters for a photography seminar, plus $10k in your pocket? That’s exactly what this years Nat Geo photography contest grand prize winner was awarded.