VSCO Releases Film 07 – The Eclectic Films Collection

VSCO Releases Film 07 – The Eclectic Films Collection

Today the crew at Visual Supply Co. revealed the seventh film pack iteration, VSCO Film 07 - The Eclectic Films Collection. This pack has a refined, cleaner, less gritty feel with focus on the nuances of color.

There is a good range of vibrant colors, black and whites, and tungsten/night presets included in this pack. Admittedly, I have a bit of an addiction to collecting presets. This pack really excites me with the cleaner feel for wedding images. Not all sets work with the gritty feel some of the previous packs have had. As film companies continue to thin their available stocks, we still yearn for images with those aesthetics. VSCO has really found a niche bringing presets to the market to fill that nostalgic hole in our stomach.

Agfa Portrait XPS 160

The presets that have caught my eye immediately were the Agfa Portrait XPS 160 and the Kodak Portra 100T, though I look forward to trying to find the right image for the others. The Agfa 160 has some gorgeous skin tones and is nice and contrasty. Unfortunately Agfa discontinued it's consumer film products in 2004. I found the Portra 100T to be the perfect fit for a sparkler exit photo.

Kodak Elite 50ii - Cool

Film pack 07 is available now for ACR and Lightroom over on VSCO’s storefront. The price is $119 like the other packs but are currently 25% for a short time. Additionally if you are an existing customer the seventh pack will only set you back $59.50

Kodak Portra 100T

The films included are:


  1. Agfa Optima 100 II

  2. Agfa Portrait XPS 160

  3. Agfa RSX 50 II

  4. Agfa RSX 200 II

  5. Agfa Ultra 50

  6. Agfa Ultra 100

  7. Fuji 160S

  8. Kodak Ektachrome 64

  9. Kodak Ektar 25

  10. Kodak Elite 50 II

Black & White:

  1. Ilford Pan F Plus 50

  2. Kodak Plus-X 125

  3. Kodak TRI-X 320


  1. Fuji T64

  2. Kodak Ektachrome 64T

  3. Kodak Elite Chrome 160T

  4. Kodak Portra 100T​

Kodak Tri-X 320

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That Portra 100T has me intrigued. I'd love to see them / Krik do a Cinestill 800T...

This is my dream. I love shooting 800T in the Leica, it would be perfect.

Used judiciously, the VSCO sets continue to intrigue.

Here are 2 peeks:


Having said that... a 7th set?

Yikes. I'll pass.