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Should You Avoid Taking the Iconic Shots?

Should you avoid shooting popular photography locations? One landscape photographer tries to answer that question while searching for a unique composition at a classic photo spot.

A Beautiful Time-Lapse Journey Through Norway

I watch a lot of time-lapse videos on YouTube and Vimeo but this one really stands out. Take a few minutes to watch this amazing video and get lost in the beauty of Norway.

Everything You Need to Know About Levels in Photoshop

In Photoshop, both the levels and curves adjustment layers allow you to control the tone of your image. So which should you use? I'm a curves man myself, but watching this excellent tutorial helped me better understand the use of levels.

How to Improve Your Images With Split Toning

Oftentimes the weather gods aren't kind to landscape photographers. It's part of the thrilling aspect of the genre. This handy video shows you how to use split toning in Lightroom to rescue your landscape images.

Law Enforcement to Use Drones to Respond to Gunshots?

Authorities in Louisville, KY have submitted a proposal to utilize drone fleets to quickly provide situational awareness to local law enforcement in the event of gunfire. How will it work and is it a good idea?

Blizzard Photography Looks Like Fun

In his latest video, Thomas Heaton shows just how committed he is to his craft, battling sub-zero blizzard conditions in search of a "cracking" image.

New York Times Photographer Claims More Access to Trump Than Obama

A New York Times photographer assigned to cover the White House just made a statement that is sure to generate opinions across the political spectrum: President Donald Trump is more accessible to photograph than former President Barack Obama.

Five Great Tips for Using the Pen Tool in Photoshop

The Pen Tool elicits a range of emotions, most commonly fear and love. If you've mastered it, post-processing life is good. For everyone else, learning the Pen Tool always seems to be put off for a rainy day that never comes. This quick and easy tutorial has five great tips to help you better use this essential tool.

Behind the Scenes of a Spectacular Time-Lapse Film in the Canadian Wilderness

Traveling 5,500 kilometers in six weeks, Filmmaker Florian Nick explored the wilds of British Columbia and Alberta in search of beautiful scenery, capturing 54,000 photos along the way. The result is a gorgeous time-lapse film showcasing the best of the region in stunning detail and sweeping scale. Nick discussed the making of the film with Fstoppers.

Casey Neistat Parting Ways with CNN, Beme

Casey Nesitat, popular and polarizing YouTube personality and filmmaker, is leaving CNN and Beme, the video sharing app he co-founded with Matt Hackett. CNN acquired Beme in 2016 to great fanfare at a reported price tag of $25 million, envisioning Neistat and his team as the key to expanding their digital news brand. So what happened?

How Does the New DJI Mavic Air Compare to the Mavic Pro and the Spark?

Now that DJI has officially launched the new Mavic Air, comparisons have already begun with DJI's recent drone releases, namely the Mavic Pro and the Spark. So, how does the Air fare? Tom Frey of Tom's Tech Time has all of the answers in a great comparison video.

Landscape Photography in a Blizzard

Landscape photography can be difficult in even the best of situations. In his latest video, Thomas Heaton finds himself in less than ideal conditions. He doesn't know the area well and is not sure if he'll be able to find a good composition, the forecast calls for a light snowfall but he ends up in a blizzard, and his van gets stuck in the snow. Watch how he perseveres and still manages to come home with a couple of great shots.

Drunk Droning Set to Be Illegal in New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers approved legislation on Monday to ban inebriated drone operation. With drone sales continuing to skyrocket in 2017, there are increased concerns of drone accidents, leading to increased regulation worldwide on the aerial gadgets. If the bill is signed into law by outgoing governor Chris Christie or governor-elect Phil Murphy, the message that the state of New Jersey will deliver is don't drink and drone.

How to Capture Compelling B-Roll Footage

I watch a lot of YouTube photography videos. Whether inspirational, educational, or somewhere in between, the videos that stand out to me all have great B-roll footage. B-roll is supplemental footage used to set mood, drive the story in a certain direction, visually demonstrate a point or concept, cover cuts between clips, and generally make a video more engaging and interesting to the viewer. This video provides excellent tips on how to capture compelling B-roll footage for your next project.

Behind the Scenes of a Time-Lapse Adventure in the Alabama Hills

The start of a new year is always rife with possibility and plans for self-improvement. Something I intend to accomplish in 2018 is improve my time-lapse photography skill set. As with most self-improvement goals, this will involve a combination of education and practice. For me, the education part of the equation comprises binging YouTube tutorials and inspirational videos. First on the docket for 2018 is this behind-the-scenes video of a time-lapse and nightscape photography winter trip in the Alabama Hills.