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Google Releases 'Hollywood-esque' Low-Res Image Enhancement Software

We’ve all been there. One of our images is slightly out of focus, or one of our friends has fired over a super low-res image and, as their neighborhood photographer, asked if there is anything we can do to salvage it. Thanks to Google’s new image resolution enhancement software RAISR - which is drawing comparisons to the "magical" software we often see in TV and film - we may be in with a chance.

Winner of Adorama and Nigel Barker's 'Top Photographer' Series Scott Borrero Chats Exclusively to Fstoppers

It’s been a week or so since San Fran-based photographer Scott Borrero was crowned the winner of Adorama and Nigel Barker’s new series "Top Photographer." The series saw five hopefuls take on a number of weekly photo challenges – including action sports, landscapes, and fashion editorials - to prove they were an all-rounder. Here, Borrero chats exclusively to Fstoppers about the experience and what’s coming next.

It's Time We Talked About Celebrities and Models Being Hired As Photographers

It’s simply impossible to ignore the change our industry is undergoing. The wide availability of industry-standard equipment has seen an uprise of people pursuing photography as a career. Photographers are battling against many threats to their careers; increasingly, celebrities who are trying their luck behind the camera. Be it models, socialites, or the rich and famous, people who are not renown for their photographic skills are increasingly booking jobs ahead of established professionals. So are those of us who work behind the lens full-time being made redundant? Can anyone be a photographer these days? It’s time to discuss.

New App Utilizes the Best of Photo and Video to Create Addictive 'Interactive Photographs'

It’s impossible to deny the rise of video in recent years. Even on the high street, many shops are replacing print campaigns in favor of TV screens with moving advertisements that showcase a larger range of their products. With video, even though you lose the subtlety of capturing a single moment in time, you can share so much more. So what’s the compromise? A new micro-video app by the name of Polaroid Swing combines movement with moment in a one-second clip to create what it calls “interactive photographs.”

Does This New Evidence Suggest the Copycat Travel Photographer Story That Went Viral is A Hoax?

Last week we reported on one of the most extreme cases of a photographer having their work ripped off. The story was that of Lauren Bullen, a travel photographer who allegedly discovered one of her followers was quite literally travelling the globe in order to replicate her images. Seem far-fetched? These new clues suggest the whole thing may have been a hoax.