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Several Ways Photographers Can Earn a Little Extra Income

There are a lot of variables to consider when discussing the income we generate from our photography. Aspiring professionals often site a lack of work when defending their status as either hobbyist or part time photographers, but the truth is often a little more complicated than that. When times get tough, many creative photographers use the skills they’ve collected to generate income in other ways.

Hilarious Cat Pictures Portray the Ugliest Cats Ever

Ah, cats. You love them or you hate them. The noisy, little furballs with personality to spare are often the subjects of pet portrait photographers and cat ladies everywhere. A few minutes thumbing through hashtags like #cutekitty, #catlover, and #kitten on Instagram will produce more of that feel-good vibe than I can handle on most days. One pet photographer took cat photos to the next level and created a set of pet portraits that don’t necessarily generate as much of that cute and cuddly feeling as others.

How Would You Edit the Official White House Portrait of the First Lady?

It’s been posted nearly everywhere by now. The official White House portrait of the first lady, Melania Trump is being criticized all over the web for its 1980’s-esque vibe and overall lack of quality. The image has photographers everywhere claiming that they could have produced better, however, given that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll receive an opportunity to photograph the First Lady in a studio environment, I’m interested in how the community thinks the portrait should look.

The 'Drone Slayer' Has Case Dismissed By Federal Judge After Shooting Down Neighbor's Drone

Despite a 1946 United States Supreme Court Decision related to ownership of airspace above private property, the question of whether or not it’s considered trespassing if you fly over your neighbor’s property remains one that doesn’t yet have a clear answer. A federal judge recently sided with the man, who later deemed himself as the “Drone Slayer,” in a case involving a drone that was shot down while hovering over the man's sunbathing daughter.