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First Ever 360-Degree View of Earth From Inside the International Space Station

When guests aboard the International Space Station look for a place to escape for a little rest and relaxation, options can obviously be limited. The “Cupola” was built in 2010 to provide astronauts with the best view possible while operating the ISS’s Mobile Services System’s robotic arm (the Canadarm2). The Cupola's seven bay windows allow for an incredible view that's become a favorite for photographers aboard the ISS. Russian Cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko brings us inside the Space Station’s observational dome with the first 360-degree 4K video of Earth from within the International Space Station.

Teaching Your Child To Use a DSLR Camera

Think back to the first time you experienced the world through a viewfinder. The moment you found focus on whatever it was that caught your eye, and the excitement that followed hearing the mechanical slap of the shutter, there to verify that you’ve captured that specific moment in time forever. For me, that excitement was experienced at a young age, and as I watch my oldest child near the same age that my memories of photography begin, I feel a responsibility to share the same opportunities with him that I was afforded early on.

This or That? How to Spend Your Hard-earned Cash

You may not realize it, but by now you could have financed your very own all inclusive one week stay in the Caribbean, BBQ'd for over 500 friends, and still had money to spare. Maybe you already have all of the equipment you need, but can't avoid the hype surrounding all of the latest photo-gear. Set your G.A.S. aside for a moment and take a minute to think about how you could spend your hard earned cash on this, or that.

The Ultimate Adventure Photography Vehicle

One of a photographer's least talked about yet most important tools is the horse he rides in on. Okay, so I doubt many photographers are still riding horses, but the concept is the same: a trusty companion that will take you from point A to point B safely and in many cases with style. After all, it's not like you're going to hoof it into the middle of the Baja Desert, camera equipment in hand.

Photographing Sovereign Nations with Respect

One could say that it’s taken the last thirty years to gain a type of access to a sovereign nation that I’ve been privileged and honored to obtain. I say it’s taken that long for me to prove myself to a people that don’t take lightly to disrespect, and recall vivid memories of a time that people with my colored skin acted in unfathomable ways - and access is limited.

The Future of Photography

According to my extensive research (Back to the Future Part One, Two, and Three), we should be in an age of flying cars, sneakers with power-laces, and hoverboards by now. We all know that life often imitates art, but let’s expand on that for a moment and take a stab at how photography may advance in the future.

Photographer Seeks Live Organ Donor for Life-Saving Transplant

With the holiday season gradually approaching, most of us are beginning to think about our holiday wish lists. For one California-based photographer, a kidney is at the top of that list. Fstoppers recently had the opportunity to interview Michael Anthony Hermogeno and ask him a few questions about his photography career and unique medical condition that leaves him seeking an organ donor.

U.S. Election Have You Down? Watch This 10K Panoramic Time-Lapse of L.A. Instead

What do you get when you combine over two years of shooting, extensive location-scouting, two Canon 5D Mark III cameras, and a very ambitious time-lapse photographer? You get just over six minutes of breathtaking panoramic time-lapse footage coming in at a remarkable 10K by 4K resolution. If this amazing time-lapse video from Photographer Joe Capra doesn't take your mind off of the election for a few minutes, nothing will.

5 Tips for You and Your Modern Photography Business

It's common as professional photographers to spend so much time researching the latest technical tips and advice that the space within our mental hard drives originally intended for common sense runs low. We can become so focused on the latest and greatest that mundane day-to-day tasks sometimes suffer. Here are a few pointers (or reminders) that may help you free up some of that precious mental hard drive space and fill your calendar with the types of clients you want to be booking as we look toward the upcoming year.