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Settlement Reached in the Case Between Photographer and Narcissistic Macaque

Chances are, you’re familiar with the story. A photographer tricks a monkey into taking a selfie with his camera, monkey becomes internet famous as a result, photographer gets sued by PETA on behalf of the narcissistic macaque. It’s a classic case of a monkeying around. Something that cost this photographer a great deal of unintended drama. Well, it looks like one macaques chances of cashing a fat paycheck have been squashed.

Less Sitting Could Mean Healthier Photographers

You may want to stand as you read this. You see, there’s something about the digital photography workflow that keeps us glued to our chairs and fixated on our computer screens. We lean forward to check details and slouch in our chairs as the hands on the clock make their way around their enclosure. This practice could be described as addicting and we long to create a final image to share with the masses, however our bodies suffer the consequences of said practice without us really ever taking note of its aches and pains — our body’s subtle reminders that we’re humans and that we're meant to do much more than sit at a desk all day.

Fstoppers Interviews One of the Creative Industry's Hardest Working CEOs

There's a lot more to creating unique and edgy content than keeping a camera fixed to your face. From eating scrumptious tacos and filming rock-busting, high-horsepower off-road race trucks in Baja, Mexico to cruising the scenic Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada creating content for some of the motorsport industry's biggest names, it's all in a week's work if you're Matt Martelli, the creative director and CEO of one of the fastest growing media companies on the U.S. West Coast, Mad Media.

Think Twice Before Capturing Independence Day Fireworks From The Sky

If there’s one thing we can credit drones for, it’s their ability to provide a different and often refreshing perspective on things that we’ve seen dozens of times before. The United States' Independence Day holiday is one that's been photographed for many years and in many different ways. With drone technology advancing and becoming more accessible to the general public, it’s a certainty that the holiday’s traditional pyrotechnics displays are going to be photographed and captured from above, leaving us all with a stunning aerial perspective on the shows we’ve watched from the ground for years. But is it safe to fly an unmanned aircraft through fireworks at night?

Small-Town Photographers, This is For You

Regardless of whether your idea of a "small-town" is one with 100 people or 20,000, the potential hurdles small-town photographers must get over can stack up quickly if you only focus on the negatives. Perhaps your goal in photography is to simply maintain a hobby. Maybe you aspire to maintain a high-profile business instead. Either way, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to achieve your goals regardless of where you currently reside.