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Think Twice Before Capturing Independence Day Fireworks From The Sky

If there’s one thing we can credit drones for, it’s their ability to provide a different and often refreshing perspective on things that we’ve seen dozens of times before. The United States' Independence Day holiday is one that's been photographed for many years and in many different ways. With drone technology advancing and becoming more accessible to the general public, it’s a certainty that the holiday’s traditional pyrotechnics displays are going to be photographed and captured from above, leaving us all with a stunning aerial perspective on the shows we’ve watched from the ground for years. But is it safe to fly an unmanned aircraft through fireworks at night?

Small-Town Photographers, This is For You

Regardless of whether your idea of a "small-town" is one with 100 people or 20,000, the potential hurdles small-town photographers must get over can stack up quickly if you only focus on the negatives. Perhaps your goal in photography is to simply maintain a hobby. Maybe you aspire to maintain a high-profile business instead. Either way, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to achieve your goals regardless of where you currently reside.

Don't Miss out on This Incredible Deal on the Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Wireless Inkjet Photo Printer

There’s nothing quite like being able to materialize your photography by printing a stunning, professional-quality print. From a business standpoint, it can also be quite profitable to cut out the middleman and produce your own prints for your clients. B&H has an incredible offer going on right now that makes printing your images easier and more affordable than ever.

The Three Stages of Becoming a Prosperous Photographer – How Long Does It Take?

Disclaimer: This isn’t one of those articles suggesting that you buy this book to learn how to write a book about writing books. It’s not a secret recipe for success, or some sort of made up list of chores you must first complete before winning a coveted golden ticket. These three stages are noted because I’ve observed their tenants, and with a little of your own investigative digging, you’ll learn that many of your favorite photographers have resided within the boundaries of each of these stages as well.

Several Ways Photographers Can Earn a Little Extra Income

There are a lot of variables to consider when discussing the income we generate from our photography. Aspiring professionals often site a lack of work when defending their status as either hobbyist or part time photographers, but the truth is often a little more complicated than that. When times get tough, many creative photographers use the skills they’ve collected to generate income in other ways.

Hilarious Cat Pictures Portray the Ugliest Cats Ever

Ah, cats. You love them or you hate them. The noisy, little furballs with personality to spare are often the subjects of pet portrait photographers and cat ladies everywhere. A few minutes thumbing through hashtags like #cutekitty, #catlover, and #kitten on Instagram will produce more of that feel-good vibe than I can handle on most days. One pet photographer took cat photos to the next level and created a set of pet portraits that don’t necessarily generate as much of that cute and cuddly feeling as others.