GoPro HERO 10 Overheating After 20 Minutes of Recording

Multiple reports describe that the newly announced GoPro HERO 10 camera overheats after just 20 minutes of recording. Overheating seems to occur in both high resolutions 5K capture modes and even in lower resolutions of 4K and 2K capture modes. This could prove to be a major problem if it cannot be fixed through a firmware upgrade.

YouTuber The Tech Chap recently uploaded a detailed review of the new GoPro HERO 10 camera. The reviews provide a detailed look at the new camera and all of the latest upgrades. The most notable upgrades include the faster-performing GP2 processor that boasts double the performance in essentially all areas. These include a faster user interface, better low-light performance, double the frames per second in various video modes, and faster refresh rates on the front screen. 

These are all useful upgrades, especially if you plan on shooting in slow motion. The 4K 120p option could end up being a popular feature.

Unfortunately, early reports demonstrate how the GoPro HERO 10 will overheat after just recording around 20 minutes worth of footage. A second YouTuber, GadgetsBoy, has also confirmed this to be the case. The Tech Chap goes on to state that even after the latest update (H21., the overheating issues continue to be a problem. 

Depending on your environment and how you shoot with a GoPro camera, there may be ways to extend the amount of time you can film with the camera. Hopefully, GoPro can fix this with a firmware upgrade; otherwise, the GoPro HERO 9 may end up being the better option. 

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Manufacturing defect? One would think that pre-release testing would have revealed the problem.

Overheating is common on the 7,8,9 heros as well

Not long ago in the comments section of another article I wrote that letting Canon get it's way with selling unfinished items like the R5 would create a trend that is not good for us... Good enough is the new trend, pretty sad.

Guess you need to use it for water sports and winter activities. Lol

"A light that burns twice as bright burns half as long” – Dr. Guy P.

My GP7 overheated so much they sent me a new one. Would still overheat, but only at highest resolutions and it took longer. I got used to stopping between points and during time outs. Used for indoor volleyball.
Then got a GP9 and it also overheated at highest resolutions. I could shoot at 2.7k60 for a long time, but could still overheat and turn off. Very annoying. I still consider upgrading to the 10. I just want 4k60 with decent low light performance. Indoor gyms are bad!
I've used my DSLR and now my mirrorless Canons and they look great, don't overheat, but batteries go fast and no access to a power outlet and they crop the video and I don't want a stray volleyball hitting them... So, what can I do?

I have a GP 7, and have never had an overheating problem. You must have gotten a one off.

My 9 overheats all the time , lots off people have this issues on many models

yeah, n f way i am trusting gp7-10 on mission critical events. I got the Osmo action for $200 and it doesn't even overheat at 4k30 when i accidentally forget to hit stop and end up with a gigantic movie file. lol. i have got some incredible history with the osmo action and not fixing what ain't broke. if the osmo action 2 comes out i will definitely take a look, though since i have so many dji products that just work. also go pro was stupid to put the unremovable front glass mount which the osmo action has. unfixable action camera is ridiculous.

Wow.. not shocked at all , 7,8,9 all overheated in warm temperatures. I have the 9 and can't go live for more than 20min and it overheated. Not sure why they can't figure out the issue after all these years.. all the non paid youtubers had issues ..wonder why it was just them lol

This camera is ridiculous. They advertise these amazing recording modes and I can't even record for 30 minutes indoors at room temperature. This is a faulty product and false advertising. It can't meet the recording times at anything close to the advertised resolution and frame rate.

This is like a car advertised at being able to go 100mph for 2 seconds. I can't wait for DJI Action 2 to show gopro how it's done. Their absurd subscription model was the nail in the coffin for me. I will never buy any of their products and hope they go the way of the dodo bird.