A Review of the Quirky and Capable Fujifilm X100V Mirrorless Camera

I have never loved a fixed prime lens camera, except for the Fujifilm X100 series. Quirky, fun, and impressively capable, these small cameras have become quite respected across the industry. Now in the fifth generation, the newest version is highly refined and versatile, and this excellent video review takes a look at the sort of image quality and performance you can expect from it. 

Coming to you from Maarten Heilbron, this great video review takes a look at the Fujifilm X100V. I was quite impressed by the X100V when I reviewed it. Though I normally do not care for fixed prime lens cameras, the X100 series has always been a ton of fun to use and has kept me coming back to it. Its unique design keeps you glued to the viewfinder and more importantly, keeps you having fun while shooting. But five generations into the series, the camera is not just a quirky device, it is a serious photographic tool that can tackle difficult scenarios and still produce high-quality images while still providing the features and experience Fuji users are so fond of. Check out the video above for Heilbron's full thoughts on the X100V. 

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Deleted Account's picture

Good video. I can see why Fuji users are vocal about the brand.

charles hoffman's picture

I'd rather take this camera on a 10 day hike up the Appalachian trail than any other ... Regardless of price
It'll take 90 percent of travel pics and 90 percent of your group pics, and you can manipulate the whole set in camera on the plane ride home

Deleted Account's picture

I'm inclined to agree, Charles.

Turns out Fuji makes Wide and Tele Conversion Lenses (28mm & 50mm)

winzehnt gates's picture

The WCL-X70 also fits on the X100 series. It's a bit wider than the WCL-X100 (about 26mmFF instead of 28mmFF).

Deleted Account's picture

The X70 looks like a great camera.

winzehnt gates's picture

As long as you don't expect blazing fast AF, it's a fantastic camera to always have with you.
At the last family gathering I used the X70 together with my X-T30 with the 50mmF2. Both were so inconspicous that people didn't change their behaviour when I pointed the camers at them.

PS: Before the pandemic I made some fantastic images with the X70 + WCL-X70 in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Fuji colours are just great. :-)

winzehnt gates's picture

I loved my X100T, but as everyday camera I love my X70 even more. It's small, capable, fun to use and if you like a change of perspective I advise you to get the wide angle converter WCL-X70, which changes the 18mm (28mmFF) to 14mm (21mmFF).

Stuart C's picture

I cant see me leaving the x system any time soon... I don't have an X100 but the cameras I do have are great.

charles hoffman's picture

There's nothing"quirky" about this camera

It does what you want it to do

It fits in a jacket pocket until you want to take some pictures

It takes excellent pictures that you can then tweak to your heart's desire

Then you can put in back in your pocket and not stand out as the schmuck with the camera

J Cortes's picture

Yeah , it’s kind of odd that he labeled it quirky .

zeissiez lee's picture

I understand the love for the X100 series, so much so that I bought 3 units of the original X100