The Best Premiere Pro Export Settings for YouTube

Exporting photos and videos for use on different platforms is a pain, but unfortunately, it's a necessary one for now.I remember over a decade ago when I made my first video, I spent hours and hours editing it. I wanted it to be of the standard I had seen the professionals producing, but I wanted that without the required experience or information to achieve it. I did ok for the most part, but the area I really hit a wall was exporting.

As with many things in our world, it looks complicated. There are myriad options, sliders, and settings which would require research to fully understand. That isn't needed, however, when you can instead spend your time learning what export settings are important from people who export great quality videos. Cody Blue is a videographer and educator whose YouTube channel is underrated to my eyes. I've shared some of his work before and it's of a great standard. For that reason alone, it's worth listening to what settings he uses and why.

This video will walk you through the settings you need to pay attention to, and how you should set the up, if your goal is to upload your video to YouTube. Whether these can be improved on — and thus toppling his title's claim — remains to be seen. However, from the videos he uploads and the standard of end product he produces, I'm comfortable learning from his expertise.

Are any of Cody Blue's settings wrong or could be improved on? Share your advice in the comments below.

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35/40 "2 VBR" or 40 CBR, I prefer 40 CBR.