Check Out Your Best Nine Instagram Posts of 2015

Check Out Your Best Nine Instagram Posts of 2015

You have probably seen these already swirling around Facebook and Instagram. The "Best Nine of 2015" has gone viral and like me, if you were a little bit late to the party, you can head over to 2015 best nine to have your best nine Instagram posts of 2015 curated for you. The site will then let you share directly to your Facebook profile, business page, or directly to Twitter. 

What's cool about this generator is that it searches through your Instagram account for the nine posts that received the most likes and creates a nine-tile square image of those posts, including the total number of likes your received for the entire year. You then have the option of downloading the image with the Instagram account name at the top and the likes counter at the bottom or just the square tiled image.

Now, what's really fun about 2015 best nine is that it doesn't require you to verify your IG account; you can actually just plug in any account, and the site will generate the image and counter. On their site, they feature the top ten Instagrammers, like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, with their best nine posts. Definitely check it out and post your best nine with the hashtag #2015bestnine. You have one more day before the new year!

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Max Leitner's picture

Interesting to see what others like compared to your personal favorites. I like my current work a lot better than what the comunity liked best.

Caleb Kerr's picture

Definitely interesting comparing my favorites vs highest liked. I in no way consider myself a landscape photographer but people seem to like them haha

Edward Porter's picture

brought to you by Carl's Jr.

David Sklenář's picture

Here is mine :)

Andrew Feller's picture

Not a bad year....

Felix C's picture

Sad, I cannot do a best of nine, will 5 do? Only had five posts on Instagram.

Brian Dowling's picture

133 posts in a year. Need to post more in 2016 :D

paulo Sousa's picture

you only shoot redhead girls!!! kinda cool, cant show this to my girlfriend she loves redheads :p

Brian Dowling's picture

Just a little project I'm working on. :)

Miguel Matos's picture

My 9 ;)

Andy Shrestha's picture

my 2015

Håkon Lund's picture

2015 ended up as a good year for northern lights!

paulo Sousa's picture

Heres my and my girlfriend, not bad since we started in september this year

JP Park's picture

Here's mine. Still building followers, but I think it has been great so far. Please check it out if you have time. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Logan Sorenson's picture

Pretty fun year. Here is to hoping 2016 being even better.

Tony Yung's picture

Last year was the first year when I started using Instagram and this app has definitely inspired me to shoot more! Here is my best nine which seem to be mostly night shots.....

Prabhu kumar's picture

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